Viva Labs 100% Pure Krill Oil Review & Giveaway

With my new lifestyle of being healthier, I’ve decided to include nutritional supplements into my diet to ensure I am getting all the nutrients I need to keep my body healthier. Those supplements include a multi-vitamin, omega-3 fatty acids and calcium since I am not a huge milk drinker. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, seafood, some plants and nuts oils, so you must eat certain foods to include these essential fatty acids, as they are necessary for our health, though our bodies cannot make them. Since I do not eat fish or seafood of any sort, I know I must take a supplement to get those essential fatty acids. Omega-3 Fatty Acids have many studies suggesting many health benefits such as reducing heart disease, lowering triglycerides as well as many others. I was recently introduced Viva Labs100% pure Antarctic Krill Oil and thrilled to start taking this krill oil supplement which has incredible benefits, is safe and contains 300mg Omega-3 & 165 EPA and 95mg DHA. These are the essential fatty acids ours bodies need to maintain excellent health.

everest nutrition pure antarctic krill oil

Krill resembles shrimp though smaller in size

I received a monthly supply of Krill Oil to try. The bottle states to take 2 capsules daily, preferably with breakfast so that is exactly what I’ve been doing. There are many studies that suggest Krill Oil has many health benefits including:

Improving and maintaining cardiovascular health
Lowering bad cholesterol (LDL levels)
Increasing good cholesterol (HDL levels)
Maintaining healthy blood pressure
Improving symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Balancing blood sugar levels
Improving cognitive function
Maintaining healthy pain-free joints
Relieving inflammation
Maintaining strong bones

pure krill oil supplement

While I can’t comment on all the health benefits of Krill Oil such as promoting heart health and supporting joint health, I can comment on the relief of PMS symptoms and lower cholesterol. Two weeks ago was my monthly menstrual cycle, and this is the first time since I was a teenager that I didn’t know it was arriving. Although, I know my exact start day, there were many things I noticed that have been regular with my cycle including severe cramping and emotional stress. With that cycle, I had tolerable mild cramping and no mood swings a few days before. My husband even commented saying I had much more energy, less irritability and didn’t complain once about cramping. For years I’ve had pains with my menstrual cycle, leaving me sluggish just wanting to sleep the day away. That didn’t happen this past month, so I truly believe taking the Krill Oil for one month has helped tremendously with my severe premenstrual symptoms. I also had a doctors appointment and my LDL levels are back to normal levels. This was good news as my entire paternal side of the family is on high blood pressure medicines, something I’ve been concerned about my entire adulthood. Though, eating healthier has probably contributed to my number being lowered, I can’t rule out Krill Oil helping.

There are many benefits for women I’ve read that excite me about Krill Oil. Krill Oil states that it is so potent, women who took it for 3 months reported a 51% boost in energy, alertness, memory concentration and stamina, and almost 100% have described a greater sense of well-being and happiness plus 31% reduction in aches and pains. I’m mostly a happy person, but to have more happiness would be wonderful.

pure antarctic krill oil supplement

Everest Nutrition Krill Oil also contains a rich supply of astaxanthin, which is a red pigment found in aquatic livestock such as krill, shrimp, lobster and other seafood sources. This is a powerful antioxidant that can help rid the body of free radicals, that contribute to various diseases and illnesses and is known for its anti-aging capabilities.

I was elated there was no fish oil burps from this supplement. I’ve taken fish oil in the past and quit taking it due to fishy aftertaste. This Krill Oil does not give you that unpleasant fishy burp. I will continue to take Everest Nutrition Krill Oil as their their Krill Oil contains more nutrients and Omega-3s than fish oil. It is better absorbed, clean as the Krill Oil comes from the cleanest waters making it virtually free of pesticides, mercury, chemicals and other toxins which may be found in Fish Oil.  Also they are smaller in size compared to some fish oil supplements I have taken, and easy to swallow.

If you are like me and do not consume fish or seafood, check out Krill Oil. For more information on the benefits of Krill Oil, how it is better than fish oil and why you should take Omega-3s on a regular basis visit

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Product received from Everest Nutrition for review purposes, however all opinions & thoughts 100% my own


  1. says

    Research from the scientific and medical communities confirms the incredible effects this oil can have in promoting heart and joint health, lowered cholesterol, improved moods and comfort during menstruation.

  2. Jmstrunk (Sybille) says

    I learned that they can reduce aging lines, which i’ve had since high school. SO yeah, I’m sold…

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