Cottonelle Toilet Paper….This is how we roll!

When I was picked from MomCentral to be a part of this campaign for Cottonelle Toilet Paper I knew I had to do this. It’s a funny thing because I would never just post about toilet paper. But this is quite important and it’s a huge pet peeve of mine that the toilet paper MUST be rolling over or I get upset. It’s much easier to grab while it’s rolling over and it looks nicer. I do not want a few sheets of toilet paper hanging down from the roll. It’s sloppy looking to me. I know stop laughing at me but it’s the truth. Me, the mama in the family, who does much of the cleaning and toilet paper roll changing am aloud to be finicky on this subject. I get extremely frustrated when I am not the one who does change the toilet paper roll and I find it rolled under. It must be changed immediately. It’s that simple. I’ve been in this relationship for 12 years now so this shouldn’t be happening still. Let me tell you, it does sometimes. Please dear when you change that roll, roll it over not under.

With all this being said Cottonelle brand toilet paper recently conducted a survey to get to the bottom of this great debate raging across America. Was this really a debate? It sure was. The Cottonelle 2010 Roll Poll Great Debate showed that 72% of Americans agreed with me on this one. They roll over as well. Due to the results, Cottonelle has made their toilet paper softer and stronger to roll over easier. Americas preference. If you like rolling under it’s time to make a switch. The toilet paper was always soft and of course durable which makes it a great quality toilet paper. Cottonelle has just made it better now which is wonderful. I will say it’s soft and didn’t leave my butt sore. I will admit I’ve bought brands and never again. They are scratchy, thin, and not at all comfortable to wipe with. I want quality toilet paper. Paper that won’t leave holes or rip. It still has the adorable puppy and ribbed sheets which clean well. Especially if you have young kids who are potty training. Cottonelle does it all for me and my family. Soft, strong and extremely durable! The Great Debate just made this toilet paper wonderful for all of us who roll over! Oh and those of you who roll under, it’s a better quality for you as well. Smiles to Cottonelle :)

So tell me….how does your family roll, Over or Under? Any reasons why?

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Cottonelle and received a sample to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. Natalie A. says:

    I'm definitely a hanging over person! I feel the same way as you and if it's under it really just annoys me for somet reason!

  2. Clueless_Mama says:

    I am all about the roll over! It bugs me too gals! Who knew there were so many of us out there? The one thing most people can agree on in this world and it's toilet paper. GEEZ. heehee

  3. Michelle @ Flying Giggles says:

    We are the same as well…over people. My husband used to like under, he said it tears off better – thankfully I changed that!

  4. MageeMommy says:

    LOL I'm a roll over person when I change it. Sometimes I'm a put the roll on top of the empty roll container and wait to see if someone else will change it lazy gal though. Was there a category for that? teehee tp (hmm I need a nap)

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