Easter Egg Coloring!

We usually do egg coloring on the Eve of Easter but since I have to work we decided to spend Good Friday morning coloring eggs. The kids have a blast doing this. I realized I had no vinegar and I wasn’t about to rush to the store so our eggs are pretty light colored this year. As Gavyn told me, that’s ok mom we just eat them anyways. So true.

Zoe was pretty fun this year. She like to scribble on hers with the white crayon and once they dried she had to put stickers on hers. She is obsessed with stickers right now. She was so proud of her eggs!

We bought a camouflage kit this year since Gavyn is all about army. They turned out good. You add 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the color and swirl your egg into the color. Let sit around 4 minutes and they come out looking camouflaged. Gavyn really thought these were “cool”. All in all the kids had a blast coloring their eggs this year.

At the end we always mix all the colors to get an ugly egg. This has been a tradition since I was a little girl and of course now I do it with my kids. Gavyn likes dumping all the colors into once cup to do this. Unfortunately due to the colors being so light it didn’t turn out too ugly. I never help the kids. This is all for them so they are proud of what they do. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter with your families.

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  1. MageeMommy says:

    FUN!!! Easter egg decorating is always fun!

    thanks for visiting my blog and following. I'm now following back. :)

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