My Weight Loss Journey With Sensa-Almost Finished!


To read my very first post on Sensa you can click here. Back in September I weighed in at 166. Here is a little bit about Sensa again:

“Sensa is unlike any other weight-loss program. It is a 6-month system of Tastants that are sprinkled on your food to help you feel full faster, stay satisfied longer and lose weight.
It is not a diet. You can continue to eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight. There are no prepackaged meals, stimulants, drugs or diuretics.
It uses your senses of smell and taste to control appetite. Although many people think the feeling of hunger or fullness comes from your stomach – it is actually governed by the satiety center in your brain. When Sensa Tastants are sprinkled on food, it triggers this satiety center, so you feel satisfied with less food.”

I am almost finished sprinkling with Sensa and I’m very happy with the results I’ve received so far with not much effort except lifting a container and sprinkling my food. I have been using Sensa for almost 6 months now and I have to say thank you to the Sensa team.

This week I weighed in at 148.2. YAY!!! I actually was fully clothed doing this weigh in which I usually do naked but hey 17.8 pounds have been lost. The average loss in 6 months time is 30.5. My goal was 140 and I’m almost there only 8.2 more pounds to go. I have told you that I’ve started eating a little better and exercising but this is not something I do all the time. For the past 3 weeks I haven’t exercised and the eating hasn’t been really good either. I’ve had cookouts, cakes, cookies and more sugary snacks that I should not be eating but sometimes it’s just hard not to. I truly believe that Sensa works and anyone wanting to give it a try should.

It’s very simple and easy to remember once you start using it. You also get 2 containers of each month, one for at home and I carry the other in my purse so I can sprinkle whenever I’m at work or on the run. You may feel a little funny at first and that people are looking at you like some crazy person sprinkling some stuff on your food but you’ll quickly discover that it doesn’t matter and your losing weight using this magic dust! I was the same way. I love that this isn’t a diet and you do not have to give up all your favorite foods. You don’t have to be deprived of them. Just sprinkle and eat. Ready to try it? You can Sensa as well and also receive 15% off your entire order using coupon code GOAL2010

The Sensa Weight-Loss Program. by Dr. Alan Hirsh is available now through Amazon. If you would like to order your copy CLICK HERE for your discounted copy.

I will be updating with my final post next week along with photos. I’m hoping to be 145. Thanks for following my journey and I was so proud to share with everyone. See you next week with the before and after photos:)

DISCLAIMER: Sensa provided me a 6 months supply of Sensa for my own personal review. I have not been compensated in anyway for these posts and results may vary. Your results and opinions may differ.

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  1. blueviolet says:

    Congrats on all the weight you have lost! That is such great news!

  2. Michelle @ Flying Giggles says:

    Congrats! 17./8 pounds is fantastic!

  3. Sounds great! Congrats on your weight lose!

  4. "Miss" Anita says:

    Good for you! I'd *love* to weigh under 150 lbs.! :)


  5. Congrats on your weight loss!! :D

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    The details are here

    Thanks for considering! I think your readers will really enjoy this too!

  6. Yeah on your weight loss that is amazing.. Wow you do have a lot going on this month and many Birthdays.. Wow already three.. Spring Break is right now for the children around here.. Have a great week..

  7. The Jacobsen Family! says:

    That is SO AWESOME! So happy for you!

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