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Did you know that your child could get ill from taking a bubble bath? You may be aware but I wasn’t until we had a huge scare a few weeks back with Zoe having a urinary tract infection from a bubble bath. We were in the hospital with a 105 fever, and no other symptoms. The doctors asked us many questions and it seems bubble baths which are suppose to be for kids, really aren’t that safe. This is a huge wake up call for me, as my children love bubbles and they enjoy their baths. At this time I received an email from Smith & Vandiver asking if I would like to review their line of Good Clean Fun, natural, safe and green products for kids. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I gladly accepted. A little about Smith & Vandiver:

“Since our inception in 1979, Smith and Vandiver has been crafting wholesome, cruelty-free body care products that feel luxurious while being safe for you and respecting Mother Nature. Producing effective and pleasurable to use products using non-animal, petrochemical-free ingredients in recyclable packaging has always been important to us. We’ve become leaders in sustainability manufacturing practices and continue to innovate and evolve using the best practices for the future health of our planet”

I received a few Good Clean Fun products to review. The Good Clean Fun Dino Bubbles, Good Clean Fun Dino Fizz Tyrannosaurus, Frog-Prince Bath Fizzy, and the Bath Party Fizzies. As soon as I touched the box, I could smell the nice fresh scents of the products. It wasn’t too overbearing, and was a real pleasant scent. Once bath time came the kids could not wait to try out the products. I poured in a bit of the Dino Bubbles, which has a grape scent and contains no harmful ingredients. This product is NPA certified! This makes me more at ease giving both of my children baths now, as I would never want either of them to end up in the hospital again due to irritation caused by harmful bath products. I also noticed this has a PH of 5.5. If you’re not familiar with PH the higher the number the more alkaline it contains, and the lower the number means it contains more acids. A PH of 5.5 is healthy, and neutral, meaning it’s safe! The bubbles are very concentrated, so a little goes a long way and the bubbles lasted the entire bath session. They even thought about their packaging with this and went green there as well. The squishy pouch is bright and fun, and uses 82% less plastic by weight than the same size bottle, plus it compresses flat to take up less space in a landfill if it is not recycled. The cap does not come off either, which is great for smaller children who may want to look at the fun, bright, Dino-Bubbles.

The egg fizzies we received make bath time a mystery. I didn’t read the packaging and left them to be pleasantly surprised. Each fizzy dissolves in the bath, and once it’s fully dissolved there is a surprise inside. Gavyn’s egg hatched a Tyrannosaurus.

While Zoe’s hatched a duck and the other hatched a prince. They thought this was so cool.

I would recommend supervision with smaller children, who still put items in their mouths, as they are quite small. These left a slight color in the tub, and a nice scent. This would make perfect party favors for any child’s birthday. So fun for bathtime!

I highly recommend checking out the Good Clean Products. They are safe, and provide so much entertainment. The Bubbles are Sulfate-free and non-toxic to small livers, Phalate-free certified natural fragrance and Paraben and formaldehyde free.
The products smell great. I respect that they thought of our older children in this as well. The Dino Bubbles are perfect for the older kids like my 7 year old son, while the Duckie bubbles are geared more for the toddlers. They are also made here in the USA. Besides products for kids, Smith & Vandiver has products for skin care, organic products, bath and body and so much more.
Here are some tips from Smith & Vandiver on how to Translate Bath Time Battles to Bath Time Bliss!

* Temperature Check: Ensure that the water is warm, not hot. Be sure to run warm water over the sides of the tub so that if your child rubs against it, he won’t get a cold shock.
* The water should not be too deep. A couple of inches of water are usually plenty.
* Be sure to use natural bubble bath, soaps and shampoos that are non-toxic, 100% sulfate free, and safe for the tender, sensitive skin of your young child.
* Have a special selection of “tub only” toys available. Items like watering cans or measuring cups provide lots of fun. You can freeze a bath toy in water and watch the ice melt or use an effervescent fizzy egg that dissolves and reveals a fun toy like Dino-Fizz.
* Keep waterproof books handy if you need to calm your child down. And special bathtub crayons often work well for keeping him occupied while you wash him off.
* Let your child splash around. Don’t be concerned about water getting all over you or the floor. Nothing will melt and your child will have much more fun.
* Be sure to place a no-slip mat on the bottom of the tub to prevent any slips.
* Routine is key. Whenever possible, bathing at a specific time helps kids develop an evening routine and can soothe and calm them down before bedtime.
* Have a towel ready to envelop your child and hold him close while drying off.
* Most importantly, remember to be safe. Never leave your child alone in the bathtub unattended, not even for a moment!

WIN IT: One of my readers will win the same products I reviewed! Good Clean Fun Dino Bubbles, Good Clean Fun Dino Fizz Tyrannosaurus, Frog-Prince Bath Fizzy, and the Bath Party Fizzy.

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DISCLAIMER: This is a review based on my opinions only. Your opinions may differ. I received the above mentioned item to help facilitate my review. No other form of compensation was given. Thank you to Smith & Vandiver for this opportunity!

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