Credit Card Reward Programs For Families With Kids

Credit card rewards programs are currently more popular than ever. It’s easy to see why: for businesses, rewards are a great way for molding loyal customers and for getting people in the door. For credit card companies, rewards often provide a boost in the consumer’s likelihood of payment. And for the average person, rewards cards offer the ability to get great deals and discounts once a spending threshold has been achieved.

People get rewards cards that go towards a variety of different uses. Rewards can be used for airline miles, retail discounts, free restaurant meals. There are so many rewards options, in fact, that it is easy to find the selection process a daunting one. If you are looking for a new credit card, and if you seek to get one that offers rewards, you may be at a loss for where to begin. You might spend hours browsing websites and reading Chase Sapphire reviews only to realize that you still don’t know what rewards are best for you.

For those of you in that position, here’s a suggestion: find a rewards program that your whole family can enjoy. If you have young children, this means putting a particular focus on the needs and desires of your kids. Here are a few different reward types you may want to consider:

Get Everyday Discounts

Some rewards programs are specifically geared towards providing everyday, kid-friendly discounts. These discounts offer savings at family restaurants, amusement parks, children’s clothing stores, and various kid-focused entertainment and vacation destinations. One such card is offered by Oshkosh, the clothing retailer.

Save For A Family Trip

Some people would prefer that their rewards go towards one large expense rather than many small ones. If you fall in this category, you may want to get a credit card that helps you save towards a specific goal that the whole family can support. Perhaps the best of these is a Disney rewards card that could help reduce the cost of your next vacation to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. The card provides reduced admissions and merchandise costs, attractive hotel packages, and various other perks.

Take The Cash

The most flexible rewards programs are those that simply provide cash as spending thresholds are met. Getting the highest cash back credit card may ultimately be the best move for a family, especially if neither of the above options would be appealing to your kids. Cash back rewards programs can help you save for any purchase or expense. Raising children can be an unpredictable business, and your kids’ interests will likely change markedly and rapidly as they age. In light of this, opting for cash rewards may be a prudent move.

Hopefully these kid-friendly rewards tips can help you begin sorting out all the various offers out there. Finding the right card can be a daunting process, but the number of options should insure that you ultimately find something that works well for you – and for your family.


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  1. Oh how I love a good deal but I’m trying to get rid of any credit cards. My hubs LOVE to use them … UGH

  2. we have never used credit cards but lately it’s come up since we have zero credit. We have been thinking of getting one for the sole purpose of building up some credit, having rewards as well would be a bonus! Great tips!

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