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Growing up in the country we have seen our fair share of cows, horses, sheep and other farm animals. My neighbor down the road had a farm where we were always going to check out the cows. I recently had the opportunity to head to Canandaigua NY to a Farm to Table blogger event compliments of American Dairy Association and Dairy Council!

the inn on the lake

We stayed  The Inn On The Lake, which sits right on the lake. If you aren’t familiar with Canandaigua Lake it is the fourth largest of the Finger Lakes.  The Inn was beautiful!

canandaigua lake

We headed to Noblehurst Farms, in Linwood NY to learn more about the life of  this NY Dairy Farm and dairy cow milk production.

noblehurst farms

-Noblehurst Farms is a seventh generation Family owned 1,700 dairy cow farm

-Cows need a good diet consisting of corn silage, haylage, cornmeal, soybean meal, protein & mineral supplements, straw and other grains.

-Noblehurst was beautiful, with no smell!

-They take excellent care of their dairy cows to ensure they are comfortable and calm because a happy cow produces great quality milk.

noblehurst farms daily cows

This is ensured by:

a. Placing position fans in the barns to keep them cool as cows are most comfortable in cooler weather

b.Each cow has their own stall to rest in and stalls are equipped with mattresses topped with dry recycled organic solids from their manure digester.

This manure digester is fabulous as it keeps the cows clean and dry. Noblehurst uses an anaerobic digester system which collects, stores and transforms the manure into energy with the help of microbes. Methane found in manure is consumed and converted into energy going to New York’s power grid to heat and light homes!

There are many benefits of using a digester system plus it makes the world a greener place.

-Improves Air Quality

-Elimination of Odor

-Lowers on-farm energy costs

-Lowers bedding costs by using recycled materials.

rotary milking parlor

I enjoyed watching the cows in the milking parlor. The rotary milks 50 cows at a time and everything is sanitary, from the workers wearing gloves, the rotary being washed after every milking shift, equipments washed and sanitized to the milk being cooled instantly to 38 degrees.

It then goes onto the milk tank; Noblehurst has two 15,000 tanks where they ship the milk to Steuben Food for yogurt production or Sorrento in Buffalo NY for our mozzarella cheese!  Here is an interesting fact:

“Noblehurst produces about 15,000 pounds of milk each day. This equates to 5.5 millions gallons of milk or enough to feed 77,000 people.”

I took away a lot, but mostly Noblehurst Farms cares for their dairy cows. They have better diets then us – they even have their own nutritionist. Noblehurst grows 2,500 acres of corn, alfalfa, and wheat which creates enough to feed and keep the cows happy and comfortable year round.

Lastly, we went to the New York Wine and Culinary Center for a wine and cheese pairing followed by an interactive cooking demo including dinner and dessert.

wine and cheese pairing

BTW if you are ever in Canandaigua you should go here!

I’m not a wine drinker

sipping on wine

however I loved learning more about wines and did find one I enjoyed (a lot!) Here is a few things I learned

-This place is exquisite

-Hands-on kitchen where they offer more than 400 classes!

-6 S’s of Wine Tasting

  1. Sight
  2. Swirl
  3. Smell
  4. Sip
  5. Swallow or Spit
  6. Savor

-There are many aromas you may smell in wine such as fruity, floral, spicy, nutty, earthy, woody, vegetal, and caramelized.

-Dry Wines such as Riesling goes great with spicy foods

-Port and sherry are ideal for desserts such as pumpkin pie

I’m still not a fan of wine, but really liked this fruity one

joyce's joy wine

Watching what we were going to eat, was much fun.  I’ll leave you with pictures.

New York State Wine and Culinary Center

Our chef Andrew was awesome.  I hope you learned a few new things! Here are a few more fun facts.

-98% of farms in New York State are family-owned and operated businesses
-New York State is the #4 dairy-producing state in the US
-Cows are artificially bred between 60-120 days after giving birth
-Cows eat 100 pounds of food a day and 30-50 gallons of water
-A cow produces nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime
-New York State Wineries have grown from 19 in 1975 to nearly 375 today

cow and her calfHave you ever been to a dairy farm? If given the opportunity I highly recommend it!

noblehurst farms blogging trip

dairy theme prize pack
Enter to win a dairy themed prize pack which includes cheese spreaders, bamboo cutting board, lunch bag, Taste of NY cookbook, apron, cow stress relievers, wine opener and more.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Hotel, travel and gift bag were provided by the ADADC. Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn more about dairy farming and wine in my home state of New York

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