Tips for the Perfect Spring Road Trip

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If you’re planning to get away with the family this Spring, a road trip could be the perfect option. Whether you want to go far afield or stay close to home there are so many things to see and do at this time of year, you just need to have a plan! We all know going away with the kids can be stressful but as long as you’re prepared for your trip, it can be the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind whilst the kids have fun in the sun. Izzy from PassSmart has written this guide to help make sure your Spring road trip goes without a hitch.

Plan your route

Road trips aren’t just about the destination, they’re about how you get there too. If possible, choose a scenic route so you can stop off to enjoy your surroundings on the way. Look your journey up on a route planner and find out if there are any beauty or picnic spots along the way.

Of course, no one wants to be stuck in the car for long periods of time (least of all kids), so make sure you factor in time for rest stops somewhere they can run around and burn up that excess energy.

Light foods

With Easter having just been, the kids will have probably consumed an awful lot of chocolate! Whilst we all know they’d happily have more of it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that’s not a wise option when you’re on the move. If you decide to pack your own lunch before you leave, go for light foods like salads and wraps – perfect for a spring afternoon picnic!

Instead of sugary treats which will get them hyped up in the back seat, pack some trail mix, fruit salad or yoghurt tubes. No one wants a heavy, stodgy meal when it’s warm outside, so take the opportunity to encourage a bit of healthy eating.

Wildlife spotting

Spring is the perfect time to go wildlife spotting with the kids, so make sure you take the opportunity to look out for some animals. You could either find an organized wildlife spotting trip or take your chances yourself.

This is a great activity if the kids are mad about animals, and you could even get them their own bird watching book so they can find out about the birds they’ve spotted. During Spring, there are so many baby animals to see too, so why not plan a visit to a farm so the kids can get up close and maybe even feed some?

Get active

A family spring break is the perfect time to get active. Take your own or hire some bikes and do some exploring on two wheels. With the warm weather and light evenings you’ll be able to cycle on until the early evening. If biking isn’t your thing, take to your feet instead.

Not only will the kids love the adventure, but they’ll be exhausted when it comes to bed time too. Win-win!

Take lots of photos!

Whether you’re in the country, by the beach or in the city, you’re bound to make memories you’ll never want to forget. Don’t forget to pack the camera and – more importantly – don’t forget to use it! With the colors of Spring as your backdrop, you’re bound to get some beautiful shots.

This guest post article was written by Izzy Guarella. Izzy is a writer for, and, in her spare time, loves to travel.

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  1. Great tips! Bringing car friendly activities has saved my sanity plenty of times.

  2. I love road trips! I grew up only going the places we could drive in our car and some of my most cherished memories happened during road trips. i can’t wait for my kids to be able to experience some fun family trips!

  3. I love road trips as well! But I think we really need to stop and enjoy the area on the way to the destination too. Cause we don’t really do that. It’s just hurry up let’s get there. We aren’t enjoying the journey!

  4. Great tips! We take lots of road trips to northern New England (all year long actually) and most of these are spot on!

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