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Zact provided phones and service for our review, all opinions 100% my own. Post contains affiliate links.

I was always that mom that said my children wouldn’t have cell phones until they could be accountable and pay for them, after all I was 21 when I had my first cell phone. My views changed this year when Gavyn entered 5th grade.

Now that his dad and I have given him more independence; playing at the park, walking home from school, arriving at school earlier, attending after school programs, sleepovers, a cell phone plan is needed for my peace of mind, to know my child, my 11 year old is okay. That being said, I wasn’t fond of him having a phone to browse the internet, to make call after call or text after text. I just wanted him to have a phone for emergencies just to say hi mom I’m okay, or I arrived.

After a year of searching I have finally found the perfect cell phone offering everything we need for a tween. Let me introduce you to Zact, the cell phone service provider giving you flexibility, customize plans, no contracts or overcharge fees and best of all parental controls!

Zact allowed our family to try their service for one month free with a parent phone and a phone for Gavyn and let me tell you I have never been so enthusiastic of a cell phone company before.

Zact Phones

zact mobile phones

The types of cell phones Zact has are the LG Viper 4G Elite and the LG Optimus Elite. Their service is on the Nationwide Sprint Network with 4G LTE where available. The phones are smart phones giving you everything you need; talk, text, data, Bluetooth, camera, video and more. These are the only two phones available. Since Gavyn isn’t browsing or using social media I can’t really comment on any issues. I did use services with my phone and had no issues with service. It seemed fast just like my phone I have now. The LG Viper 4G LTE retails for $199 and the LG Optimus Elite retails for $149.00. You can only use Zact phones with their services. I do wish they’d offer more phones for families, cheaper phones for those like me who do not need a smart phone.

Zact Service

zact cell phone plans

Zact service is different because you can customize your cell phone plan for your needs, and cell phone plans are budget-friendly. Smallest plans begin at 0 talk, 25 text and no data for only $.71! Or you can only have talk no text, add in data, whatever you need, there is no minimum plan required. There is a charge each month for line maintenance which is $4.99 per phone. This fee is to keep the phone number and voicemail active. The plans are shared plans so if you choose to have more than one phone just choose a plan you need.

According to research:

The average person uses 644 minutes, 764 texts and 342 MB.

Two tips from Zact:

• cut your data plan by 33% when you turn on Wi-Fi at home.
• Start with 500 minutes, 500 texts and 250 MB per person; easily upsize in small increments if you need to – right from your phone.

This is what is neat about Zact and how you will never be charged overage fees. If you buy a plan that isn’t enough, Zact will let you know. If you need more just add more minutes. Zact sent me an email letting me know how we did and how they saved us money. Any unused minutes are credited next month.

Parental Controls

Though I received the parent phone, I won’t be keeping it as I can’t break a contract however I am able to do everything I need from the phone. I can add minutes, check usage and control everything I need.

But what I liked most was parental controls. As a mom of a tween this is very important to me. With Zact parental controls I can control the phones. For Gav’s phone he has no control meaning he cannot purchase, share plans or manage phones, that can only be done on the parent phone.

zact parental controls

For the restrictions on his phone I was able to set time restrictions. There can be no time restrictions or I can set restrictions for no talk on school days or school nights, weekend nights, all weekend, all day weekends, all night weekends or custom the time’s he cannot talk. I have his phone currently set for usage from 10am-7pm. Once school starts he will only be allowed 3pm-7pm. I love that I have control of my child’s phone.

I was also able to set up his contact restricting his text/talk time to what I permit. I created his contact list. By doing this, these are the only people he can receive calls or text from and these are the only people he can contact. Nobody else! This means Gavyn will never answer a call from a stranger or sales call because I do not allow them!

I appreciate that I am able to see how much Gavyn has used as well. We did run out of text minutes during our trial. When this happened the phone displayed not allowed. By doing this I knew I had to make the decision to add a few more minutes to the plan so Gav would have more texting time. For just .71 I could add 25 more texts. No crazy fees like a contract phone!

zact mobile phone

Since I am not keeping the parent phone, I can still login on my Zact account with Gav’s phone to manage our plans and adjust if needed with my Zact password or go online. I can buy specialized plans, long distance, top ups and view history of our plans. I like checking usage just to see how well we are doing. So far Gav has been doing well with his plan and only using the phone for what we wanted; emergencies.

zact cell phone plans

To learn more I would highly recommend checking out the savings calculator to see how much you could save. According to Zact and what my husband and I use for talk, text and data we could save $2,485.11 over 2 years’ time with no contract. I really wish we had no contract right now because savings sounds so amazing. If I were to switch to the Zact service with 3 devices our plan would only cost me $68.80 this is with the $4.99 line maintenance charges for each phone. This is a savings of $100 per month from what I currently pay for my husband and I’s mobile phones.

Getting started with Zact is easy. Just pick your plan, pick your phones and that’s it. And remember if you buy a plan that is way too much, you will never be charged for those minutes. They’ll be credited to a plan that works best. You are in control to change plans and Zact is there to apply credits based on usage. So for instance. Say you were spot on with talk and text but thought you would need 500mb in data ($13.23) and only used 300mb in data ($8.52). Zact will credit you $4.71 since you didn’t use the other 200mb in data. This applies for everything you didn’t use. And if you used to much they’ll apply credits first then charge.

Visit to build your plan today.

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  1. I agree that it would be nice to be able to use their plan without having to buy another phone, but those parental controls are really nice!

  2. Control is so important. I was just discussing with a friend how to protect my little ones while still allowing them to use technology.

  3. Brilliant. Having control over what they can and cannot see is so key!

  4. I like that they have so many plan sizes and choices.

  5. Sounds like a great phone!

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