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Dinnertime is the happiest time of day for me. I love to cook so being able to prepare a semi-nutritious meal I hope everyone will enjoy and gather around the dining room table brings me much satisfaction.  All four of us are together, without any rushing, finally able to relax. We discuss the school and work day, what may be bothering us and general chit chat.

I feel it is very important sitting at a table with the family at dinner. To me, quality time and communication with all my family members is crucial. I want to know how my kids and husbands day went as I’m sure they enjoy hearing about my day.

Dinner can be a dilemma though – picky children, texture issues, nobody wanting to eat healthy with mom, numerous foods disliked, therefore I make an effort to provide for everyone and try like crazy to prepare kid-friendly meals, most of the time. Our meal plan may include Mexican night, pasta night, kids pick night, chicken, casseroles, soups/stews with sandwiches and our meat and potato nights.

On those meat and potato evenings, I’ll prepare a lean protein, with a starchy side and a vegetable. The problem I have is Gavyn dislikes any potato unless it is a baked potato smothered in cheese and ranch dressing. But my husband and I love homemade potato sides from homemade wedges, to creamy mashed potatoes and cubed potatoes with onions and peppers. Since I have a picky son I make sure to have frozen potatoes stocked in the freezer such as McCain Smiles.

mccain smiles

McCain Smiles

You can’t get anymore kid-friendly then these fun happy shapes!

mccain smiles

Gavyn gobbles these down without any fuss and I can’t complain as four McCain Smiles provide ½ cup credible vegetable serving. They are made with natural ingredients, without added junk and taste good. We bake ours so the outsides are crispy and the insides are like a mashed potato (shh don’t tell Gavyn that though). Dipped in ketchup, with our meat nights, he’s in heaven.

Or when he wants grilled cheese and soup for lunch and asks for a side of smiles.

mccain smiles potatoes

Best of all they are convenient, I just need to preheat the oven, pop them in and about 12 minutes later, my son has a side he’ll actually eat, that is all that matters to me as a parent.

Oh and this little one loves them too!

mccain smiles potatoes

McCain Grocery Goodness Giveaway

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McCain Potatoes is running a Facebook Contest where they will select 1 winner each week (8 winners total) to receive a $500 grocery store gift card!  Ahhh free groceries?  Yes please!  Visit the Grocery Goodness Giveaway tab, provide your email address and you are entered.  While there you can also print a $1.00 off coupon for any 1 bag of McCain Potato products!

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Do your children like McCain Smiles?

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  1. We go through tons of McCain Smiles in our house. My kids love them!

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