Prescription Painkiller Addiction a Growing Epidemic – Turn to Help!

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Last October my husband had microdiscectomy spine surgery to remove a herniated disc. We thought this minimally invasive surgery with an 85% success rate was going to improve my young husbands life by being able to walk again, go back to work and be without pain. Wrong.

The surgery failed, my husband was bedridden for 8 months and out of work. The pain was worse then before surgery. His surgeon tried putting him on narcotic pain relievers to help ease the pain though my husband refused to take opioid pain medications. You may be wondering why.

Opioid Dependence

Our really good childhood friend came to live with us about 3 years ago because of an extreme prescription painkiller addiction also known as opioid dependence. After a knee surgery that caused him unbearable pain he was put on painkillers. Unfortunately, because of the extreme pain, he popped pills and became addicted, it was better than dealing with the pain, so he thought.

prescription painkiller addiction

Did he choose to become dependent on opiates? No. Nobody does. It can happen to anyone; male or female of any age, sex and race . Our friend couldn’t stop. It is a sad sad situation that he couldn’t get out, almost leading to an overdose one evening. Opioid addiction had taken over his life. He recognized he needed help and that is what he did, three times.

After going into treatment for the third time to help with his addiction he came to stay with us as he was concerned he would try to find them again. Which he probably would have because opioid dependence is a chronic medical disease that affects the brain and fools it into thinking the opioid is necessary for survival. He was scared to go back home shortly after his stay in a rehab center. He knew this would be long-term treatment so had to do whatever it was to never depend on drugs again. We didn’t want him to relapse, he didn’t want to relapse. And he hasn’t thanks to ongoing treatment and counseling.

Because of what we saw our dear friend go through Chris knew he never wanted to rely on narcotics to ease his pain. He knew that opioids block pain and are very effective for treating pain and that he may not become addicted, but he wasn’t chancing it. He is prescribed NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) but rarely takes them as he is petrified of kidney failure. We are on a natural journey to ease his pain with pain management, juicing, smoothies and herbal supplements. It seems to be working!

Last month our local newspaper put out a very alarming article, Bad Medicine. The article was about a presentation we had locally and how painkillers kill more than pain. It was said that there is a dramatic increase in the number of teenagers and young adults abusing prescription painkillers with the disturbing statistics.

There needs to be awareness for this growing epidemic and we all need to help those we may know.

Opioid Dependence Help is an online resource center to help you take the next step in learning more about opioid dependence – what it is, the signs and symptoms, how treatment can help and treatment options. It is a medical condition that CAN BE TREATED EFFECTIVELY!

If you have an addiction to painkillers or know someone who does, I highly recommended checking the website out. You are not alone in fact according to a 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health approximately 2 million Americans abused or were dependent on opioid prescription painkillers. This number is something I had no idea about. You don’t realize so many people are dependent on something that gets prescribed every day even though we all know someone who has been affected by prescription painkillers.

Get help today and find a doctor for this unexpected chronic medical disease. Get your life back and your physical well-being.

Opioid Dependence Infographic


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  1. I have one family member that struggles with this. I refuse to take them, though! :(

  2. My grandpa went/is going through this. It’s a tough thing to beat. :(

  3. Great information! One of my cousins was addicted… hopefully he is getting better.


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