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Spin Master Games provided complimentary game for holiday gift guide, all opinions 100% my own.
2013 holiday gift guide

Every Christmas, Santa always brings two new games for my children with both of their names. Why? Because playing games as a family allows us to spend quality, enjoyable time together, without any interruptions. Our family plays games almost every single day. It could be a classic board game, a video game or another fun game.

This year I would highly recommend the fun game Boom Boom Balloon by Spin Master Games.

Boom Boom Balloon is recommended for children 8+ however we had no problems supervising younger children on our family game night. My brother and his family joined us a few weeks ago, my nephew (4) was the youngest playing. I can see why the age requirements are older though because this game is played with long plastic sticks that push until one click. I’ll explain more in a moment.

Boom Boom Balloon is very easy to set up. You’ll need to assemble the legs to the connector. When doing this be sure the legs are firmly placed into the notches, so they do not fall off. Then you’ll place the bowl-shaped connector with pegs into the holes on the legs.

boom boom balloon game

A deflated balloon is then placed through the hole. This is the only drawback of the game. The game states you must use a balloon pump which is NOT INCLUDED to blow the balloon up. Well, we didn’t have a balloon pump, so another person held the stand, while a person blew the balloon up with their mouth. Once the balloon is in the frame, the mouth piece of the balloon will be folded and wrapped around the notch in the bowl shaped connector.

boom boom balloon game

These do not need to be tied. The game includes 12 fun Boom Boom Balloons.

boom boom balloon game

This game is all about strategy and full of suspense.

Boom Boom Balloon is played by inserting 9 sticks (included) into the front of the frame until you hear a click. Once you hear that click, stop pushing. Game play is now ready to begin!

boom boom balloon game

Youngest player goes first and continues in a clockwise direction.

The player will roll the die (only has numbers 1-3). Whatever number is rolled they will push one stick or a combination of sticks that many times. Just push the stick until it clicks once. Boom Boom Balloon will get pretty beat up in this game, luckily the balloons are very durable so the game doesn’t end quickly.

boom boom balloon game

This game had us making faces, pushing our heads sideways and waiting for him to pop. If the balloon pops on your turn, you lose and all other players win!

boom boom balloon game

We have now played Boom Boom Balloon at least ten times. It is one of Zoe’s favorite games right now. Just the suspense of waiting for him to burst is exciting. But you need strategy knowing which sticks to push in on your turn,so he doesn’t burst.

This game is fabulous because the instructions are simple for any child, setup was a breeze and it is fun for the entire family.

Boom Boom Balloon currently is on sale at Target and includes free shipping for only $14.79!

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