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Showering is my time to calm down for the evening. Though, I enjoy a morning shower, nighttime showers are my favorite. I like to get the water as hot as I can handle, turn on Pandora and enjoy some me time, without hearing my kids scream mommy every two seconds.

But not all shower heads are created equal. Some may enjoy a lot of pressure to get an invigorating experience, while others may want a waterfall like experience to penetrate water all over.

Ready for a spa experience to deep clean and refresh your skin? I highly recommend the Rejuvenator Microbubble Shower Head.

rejuvenator microbubble shower head review

This shower head is not going to give you a massage or different spray patterns. The microbubble technology is going to infuse billions of microbubbles to deeply cleanse the skin. How?

It is a secret, but what I can tell you is this works like a waterfall, forming negatively charged ions into the air which clean the air. This creates those bubbles, each one ionically charged, gently exfoliating and cleansing naturally, so dirt is gone.

Normal shower heads merely cover your body with water, and you then use soap to clean the surface of your skin. By using Microbubble Technology™we have created an effective and affordable shower head that not only cleans the surface of your skin but also naturally and effectively cleans deep within your pores.

I’ve been using this shower head for close to a month now and am impressed. We’ve always had shower heads where we could change the spray pattern, so if I wanted a massage I could have it. Or if I wanted a rainfall like affect, I could have that too. But this one, offers just one pattern of water that comes out of the jets, cleansing all over, just like that waterfall.

rejuvenator microbubble shower head review

It will not give you a drenching shower, something I do not like. I want a calming shower, and the Rejuvenator Microbubble shower head gives me just that.

This shower head was simple to install, providing everything you need to install the Rejuvenator.

rejuvenator microbubble shower head review

We removed our old shower head, added the diverter and o-rings and placed the microbubble shower head on the longest connector and our old shower head to the shortest. This gives you two options, a fixed option with the old shower head and a hand-held shower head with the microbubble, with long hose to clean all hard to reach areas.

The diverter has three positions so you can choose to have only the Rejuvenator shower head, your old or both! My husband likes a good massage due to his back issues, so having the option to keep our original shower head makes him happy.

The Rejuvenator Microbubble shower head has really made a difference in the way my skin feels. Dry skin is something I suffer from, but after using this, my skin is soft and moisturized. My favorite feature is washing my face. It protects my sensitive skin, but removes makeup easily due to how the flow of water Is. It rinses my face washes away with ease in a gentle manner.

But the most impressive part of this is there is NO NEED for soaps and shampoos because the Rejuvenator cleanses naturally. I can’t bring myself not to use soaps or shampoos but I can tell how hydrated my skin and hair feels. I’m not sure why but I’m positive it has to do with cleaning deep down in my pores and the surface of my skin. It is ridding the dead skin, leaving my skin silky smooth. My dry winter skin is long gone already and it isn’t officially winter yet!

I think I’ll continue microbubbling my skin!

Did I mention the jets are self cleaning?

rejuvenator microbubble shower head review

Oh and cleaning the shower has never been easier with a hose shower head!

Do you know of a woman that could use a spa experience to remove dirt deep down? How about a woman that wants moisturized skin in a natural way?

Visit http://rejuvenatorproducts.com for more information and to buy.  This shower head retails for $109.

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