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Opioid dependence also known as opioid prescription painkiller addiction and heroin addiction – is a chronic disease affecting increasingly more Americans each year. While we may think people want to become addicted, that isn’t necessarily true. Opioid’s are effective medicines in treating pain, however over time prescription painkillers can alter the brain’s chemistry by “resetting” the brain so one begins to physically and psychologically feel they need opioid prescription painkillers.

This is why my husband chose not to be put on painkiller medication after a back surgery in October 2012. He knew there was a chance he could become addicted, we know many who have, and he wasn’t chancing it. He lives in severe pain every day of his life from a failed surgery, instead we try different approaches in treating his pain.

Opioid dependence is a chronic medical disease that NEEDS to be treated and can happen to anyone. It can worsen over time if it is not treated. Luckily, there is help.

reset reality

Reset Reality is place where those battling this disease can go for inspiration and support. Those battling opioid dependence will find advice here, as this online resource has the information and tools to help educate people about opioid dependence, including a symptom screener and a resource to find a doctor that is certified to treat opioid prescription painkiller and/or heroin addiction.

There are many success stories, like Karrie. Karrie struggled with an 11-year addiction. Her family was disappointed in her, her relationship with her mom was strained and her boyfriend was by her side but struggling with it. She spent all her money on painkillers resulting in living in a car and not being able to buy groceries. She knew she had to reset her reality, to get her life back.  She is now a Peer Recovery Coach.

Just like Karrie, our friend is a success story. After losing his girlfriend and her daughter, parents and friends, there was nobody that would help him anymore. He hit rock bottom. Treatment is what he needed, so he chose a clinic with a 12-step program. He took the first step to GET HIS LIFE BACK. With the help of professionals, 3 months in rehab and friends like us, he got his girlfriend, child, job and home back. He has maintained his recovery for over 18 months now.

Signs and Symptoms of Opioid Dependence

Opioid dependence can affect everyone differently, I want to share some (but not all) signs and symptoms with you, so you or someone you know can take the steps to get help.

Signs and Symptoms of Opioid Dependence

Visit today to reset your life and read other success stories. Share this website with everyone you know, so we can help those battling prescription painkiller addiction, which affects millions of Americans each year.

Do you know someone that would benefit from the Reset Reality website or is ready to get the help they need for their addiction?

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  1. With stories like that, it’s no wonder your husband opted to deal with the pain rather than risk it. That is SCARY stuff!

  2. I wish my parents took the pain… Unfortunately both of them were highly medicated and ultimately that is why they’re not longer here.. :( I blame the doctors and I wish I could have done more.

    • I’m so sorry Courtney, big hugs. My husband dealing with the pain hasn’t been the easiest. His back/leg pain is unbearable at times, but he knows what these can do and refuses to chance it. We juice and take natural methods.

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