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Products received from Hasbro for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.

My brother was a Transformers fanatic. He had many figures from the toy line in the late 80s early 90′s. I was pretty good “back in the day” when there were only two possibly three steps to transform these guys, they were easy. But Transformers got more complex through the years, and well I had no luck transforming them and if I did, they were never going to look like a robot ever again.

Hasbro has taken it a step further to give Transformer toys some really cool features.

New Transformer Toys Transformers Construct-Bots Review

Meet Transformers Construct-Bots . Construct-Bots allow children to construct, customize and covert their very own bots! They are buildable robots that transform when finished building. We received two kits to review

Transformers Construct-Bots Wheel Jack

Transformers Construct-Bots Elite Class Wheeljack

This 55 piece kit includes everything you need to build the wheel jack robot which constructs into a cool car. The included instructions are easy to follow to build. You’ll begin by constructing the robot frame. Once the frame is built which includes the legs, body armor will be added plus accessories to build the arms, head and additional parts to turn this into a vehicle. This set included wheels and weapons.

Transformers Construct-Bots Wheel Jack

He was simple to build. We like how parts fit tightly on, making him durable once created. It was time to convert! With some tucking and moving, twisting and adjusting, our robot was now a car, with wheels, that moves!

Transformers Construct-Bots Wheel Jack

The quality here amazed me. I was pretty confident parts would fall off, but that was not the case. Our car has been ran into furniture and walls and still is fully intact. It is very difficult to remove parts, because of the ball and joint type parts and wrench style parts that lock onto another part. The wheels snap in, and additional weapons have notches. Isn’t it neat? The Wheeljack Construct-Bots is from the Elite Class, meaning they have more parts then the Scout Class which I’ll talk about now! Wheeljack includes a handy storage container and retails for $14.99.

Transformers Construct-Bots Starscream: This 40 piece set builds just as the previous but with less parts. Again, a frame will be constructed, then armor and accessories will be added to complete the Starscream figure. Gavyn (11) had him built quickly.
transformers construct bots starscream
He did say to make sure you look at the images in the directions, because he started to build him backwards. Once his legs are built, the mid-section area gets attached, but they do have you flip the figure. He didn’t look at the feet in the photo, so he had to disassemble to fix. No biggie if you catch it quickly on.

Transformers Construct-Bots Starscream

But like I said above, removing parts are not as easy. Once the figure is built, he transforms into a jet. The scout class of figures retail for $9.99

transformers construct-bots starscream

Construct-Bots are made very well. Though, plastic, they are durable. Parts do not fall off as everything snaps together tightly. Because all Construct-Bots parts are interchangeable, children with creativity will have fun creating another bot, from their minds, without the help of instructions. Since the frame is built first, adding different parts for arms and new weapons will be fun for children.

hasbro transformers construct bots

Construct-Bots instill creativity in children. Because these are a construction set, cooperation, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills and gross motor skills are being developed building these and playing with them once finished. The buildable action figures are an ideal holiday gift for boys (or girls) that love Transformers! They are affordable with many kits available.

Construct-Bots are recommended for children 6+

Transformers Construct-Bots app

Also, check out the free Transformers Construct-Bots app. Once installed, children can create custom CONSTRUCT-BOTS figures and then send them into BATTLE. In specially marked packages, codes can be found to scan, where parts packs will be unlocked and coins will be added to your account to buy parts. Download on the App Store
iconor Google Play.

For more information on Transformers Construct-Bots visit

Where to Buy Transformers Construct-Bots

Construct-Bots can be purchased at

construct bots triple changers bumblebee

Triple Changers Bumblebee

One of my readers will get to check out the Triple Changers, they convert into two vehicles because I’m giving away one set!  Triple Changers retail for $24.99.
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