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Wonder Forge provided games for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.
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When I think back to when Zoe was preschool age, she always asked to play matching game. There was something about flipping cards over to try to find the match. Zoe already had a fabulous memory, so being able to enhance her thinking skills as well as visual skills was important to me as a parent. I want to increase my child’s brain power so exercising her brain is necessary and doing so through memory games is a fantastic way to build-up that brain power.

Wonder Forge, the creators of fun, creative and award-winning games for preschoolers and families, has a engaging preschool game that children will enjoy, especially if they adore the animated preschool show, Doc McStuffins.

Doc McStuffins All Better Game

Doc McStuffins All Better Game: Get ready to enhance memory skills with this educational and fun game where children will pretend they are a doctor. This game includes a doctor bag for storage, slap bracelet bandages, foam tools, scoring tiles and a spinner. Zoe immediately got into doctor mode to play.

wonder forge doc mcstuffins all better game

Though for preschoolers, my 1st grader LOVED this game. The object of the game is to earn scoring tiles by fixing “boo boos”.

On your turn, the spinner will be spun. The spinner has different images such as the doctor bag, bandages and yellow or blue tile with doctors tools.

doc mcstuffins all better game by wonder forge games

Each image represents a different instruction.

For the bandage, a bandage will be chose from the center, the player will announce the tool shown on the bandage, show to all the players and gently slap on another players leg or arm.

er forge doc mcstuffins all better game

Be sure to keep the tool side of the bandage hidden against the skin. Remember where this was placed and the tool shown because your memory is going to be needed. I highly recommend familiarizing children with the tools, before game-play.

For tools, you’ll choose a tool from the spinner image. There are three tools on each space. If you land here you are going to make a boo boo feel better by taking a tool and pointing to a bandage on a player that you think has that tool bandage. If you are correct, take a scoring tile and the bandage goes back into the pile. If you are not correct, the boo boo has not healed. Repeat the name of the tool on the bandage that was incorrect and place back on the player it was on.

The doctor bag allows you to choose any tool and repeating the instruction above, hoping to get a match.

While it may seem easy, for preschoolers, this can be a challenge. This game will give little brains a workout as they try to remember which bandage matches the tools. Children need to pay attention in this game as they visually see the tool on the bandage and which player that bandage is going on. As arms & legs fill up, will they remember?

doc mcstuffins all better game,

Scoring tiles will be given to correct matches. When the last scoring tile has been taken, all players will add up the hearts on their tiles. The most hearts win. You never know who will win!! Pretend-play and problem-solving makes this a fun yet educational game that is easy to understand. When the game is not being played, children will love pretending they are a doctor on you and their stuffed animals or dolls!

World of Disney Eye Found It! Hidden Picture Game

World of Disney Eye Found It! Hidden Picture Game

Another game from Wonder Forge that will have children using their visual, thinking and boosting brain power is the fun World of Disney Eye Found It! Hidden Picture Game. This game is played on a large 6-foot game board, so floor play is necessary!

world of disney i found it hidden picture game

The board will take children through the land of their favorite Disney films and shows, 12 to be exact, such as Alice in Wonderland, Cars, Mickey Mouse, Aladdin and Monsters Inc to name a few. This game is simple to play and will have children cooperating with each other!

Players will choose the character mover they’d like to be. At the top of the board is a clock at Cinderella’s castle.

world of disney eye found it hidden picture game

This will need to start at 1 to begin the game. Players will spin the spinner and follow the spinner instructions. The spinner includes numbers, where you’ll advance your character pawn the indicated number of spaces. Mickey ears is a search spin. On this spin, a search card (the color landed on blue or red) will be chose. The timer will be set and all players will search on the board for the object shown on the card. Look carefully because it isn’t easy. With the included Mickey ear markers, mark the objects found.

world of disney eye found it hidden picture game

When time is up, count up the mouse ear markers, and all players advance that number of spaces. Search can also be done by landing on a search space on the board. If landing on the board, any color search card can be chose. If landing on a 1 or 2 clock image on the spinner, Cinderella’s clock will need to move forward 1 or 2. You don’t want to spin the clock because you want to arrive at Cinderella’s castle before the clock strikes midnight!

What I like is everyone win’s or everyone loses in this game. If the clock strikes midnight before arriving to the finish line, everyone loses. If players reach the castle before the clock strikes midnight, everyone wins.

Some items can be tricky finding because of how small they are, so younger children (even adults) may get frustrated.

world of disney eye found it game

There were times we didn’t find anything before the timer ran out. But it is fun, as we want to get a bonus to advance on the board. We did not want the clock to strike midnight!

This game held the attention of everyone playing. Cooperation was a huge part of the game, as we all worked together to find the objects trying to make our way to the castle.

The visually appealing Disney graphics are intriguing for Disney lovers. Zoe loved the shortcuts on the board and always shouted “I Found It” when searching for hidden objects.

Disney Eye Found It is a fun game the entire family will enjoy.

Both Wonder Forge games would make great preschooler gifts this holiday season. Visit www.wonderforge.com for more information on all their games.

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