Spreading Holiday Cheer! Giving Back to Local Children in Need #GivingWithKohls

giving back to local kids in need

As a parent, I want my children to learn by example. We are our children’s first teachers, so when they see us doing things, they’ll pick up on it. I’m not disrespectful, because I want my children to grow up with respect. I have a huge heart by helping family and friends whenever they need it, hoping my children will too. They see me volunteering, so I hope one day they’ll do the same.

But with Christmas arriving in just 13 days, I take this time to teach them about giving. Sure, children want to receive gifts but this time of year is the perfect opportunity to teach children about the importance of giving to those less fortunate, especially children.

Christmas morning should be a time of joy. The Christmas morning faces on my children warms my heart. To know that many kids won’t have gifts to open, or a family, or anything from their wish lists, makes my heart sad. EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO FEEL JOY ON CHRISTMAS MORNING.

And our family will be providing that joy for two local children this holiday season.

Giving Back to Local Children in Need

When Kohl’s reached out that they were working with United Way to provide gifts for local children in need this year for their Giving With Kohl’s campaign, and wanted me to give, I was all over it. I was given two children that live locally, siblings, a boy age 10 and a girl age 4. I was given their wish lists that included their needs and wants.

With our $150 gift card (Kohl’s provided cards) my kids and I shopped online at Kohls.com because of their fantastic deals, dream toys and quality clothing. During our shopping trip, I explained to my kids that these gifts would be for children here in our town. With the kids wish lists in front of us, my children shopped. We bought toys, clothing, footwear and games for the kids.

The kids are going to have that joy when they see they got everything on their wish lists!! I know both kids will be excited to see their toy wants as the girl I shopped for really wanted a new doll, so we chose the very popular Sofia the First 10” doll and the boy wanted a new remote control truck, so that’s exactly what he got. Plus a few other toys they both wanted. The needs were at the top of the list first though.

Here’s what we bought for our local boy in need

giving back to local kids in needand our local girl in need

giving back to local kids in needPlus a fun family game that our family enjoys!

giving back to local kids in need

To know that I was chose to provide for these children warms my heart. Our family is spreading holiday cheer and will continue to do so every single year. Last year, we participated and learned about Operation Christmas Child, we sent off our shoebox this year. We give toys for Toys for Tots and so much more.

Educate children to give back and to help. It is an important subject to start early on. Everyone, young or old can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. This could be by volunteering in your local communities, adopting an angel from Angel Tree, organizing toys, books & clothes at home to donate, giving food or baking treats to bring to local pantries. There is so much YOU can do to help teach the importance of giving back, so children can really care and give more in their later years.

Today, I headed to my local Salvation Army to give the gifts and meet with United Way for an interview for my local newspaper. This is SO exciting to me. I’ll be sure to share the article once it has been published.

So tell me, how do you teach your children to give back?

See what all the other bloggers have done to give back to local families, by following hashtag #GivingWithKohls

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  1. This is so great of you and Kohls for doing this! Its wonderful to give back especially this time of year.

  2. This is such an awesome campaign. While my family is struggling, I’ve been trying to teach the kiddos to pass it on and go through their toys and clothes to pass on to those in need too.

    • That is great Jenna! I was a family that struggled growing up so now how difficult it can be. With my husband having a failed back surgery and out of work for 9 months, my kids understand what struggling does to a family. Hang in there sweetie!

  3. Oh we just LOVE Kohls! We got our very first one just a few years ago like 1 mile from our house… we never go anywhere else now LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

    • Our Kohl’s is an hour away but it is the first stop when we head out to Erie. I adore Kohl’s as well and happy they have fabulous online deals:)

  4. What a great opportunity to give back! I can’t wait until our son is a little older so we can impart these values to him.

  5. What a great thing to do for the holidays. Your really going to help a child and their family.

  6. So cool that Kohl’s did this. We helped local children in need through our church. The kids each picked a child and we purchased gifts for them. I want them to know that giving is the more important thing than receiving.

  7. This is so absolutely amazing that Kohls helped you be able to do this. I think it’s totally awesome that you are able to teach your kids the value of giving.
    We normally do the Operation Shoeboxes.

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