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Inspire Me To…provided book for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.

inspire me to personalized childrens books

Zoe has always enjoyed reading. I truly believe it is because I have been reading to her since before she was 4 months old. Even as an infant, we had soft cloth books with stimulating colors and sounds, that she loved to look at. When she started to crawl, she would get a book and sit on my lap. Her joy of books hasn’t ended. Now in 1st grade, she is reading on a 3rd grade level, but some of her favorite books are for her age level.

She is going to be thrilled when she opens up her present this year to find a Nook Simple Touch! She has been asking for an eReader since she was four, yes four!

Keep the love of reading in children and purchase them books this holiday season. Check out Inspire me to… as they have personalized books for kids that YOU create for your child that are inspiring. Inspire Me To… are absolutely fantastic books.

Inspire me to… was created with one goal in mind: to inspire children to create, discover, give, grow, and succeed. Now, story time will serve as a time for inspirational lessons of which your child is the star.

I went on the process to create a book for Zoe. There are eight books to choose from, each book teaching valuable lessons such as sharing and manners plus books that teach colors and healthy eating.

inspire me to...books

After checking out the descriptions of all the books I went with healthy eating with the book Picnic Crasher. Come January 1, my entire family is on-board with my healthy lifestyle, so I knew this would be the perfect book, and it was.

After choosing the book, I went on to personalize by answering the questions asked to create unique features in our book. This included adding names for the ants, whether he or she, favorite color, a relative to add to the story and favorite foods.

inspire me to children's book

At the end of customizing, I was able to add a photo and Zoe’s name and age along with a description of her. That was it. I verified and waited for the book to arrive.

inspire me to personalized children's books

This story is about two ants and their family in a park, that find a “human family” eating lunch. They decide to stop and eat. Mom wants the ants to make healthy choices but are struggling with the delicious treats the find. They need to try to make choices from the important food groups instead of unhealthy foods. When one ant chooses to eat healthy foods, the other is not feeling so well as he didn’t choose healthy options. This books teaches children that making healthy choices can be just as delicious and if you choose junk, you’ll pay!

This book is so similar to my family. Zoe likes to eat healthy with me. She’ll choose fruit and vegetables oftentimes for snacks, while Gavyn would rather eat sweets such as ice cream, cookies or cake (thanks grandma). Ant Zoe chose healthy while Ant Gavyn ate way too much cake and paid with a bellyache.

inspire me to personalized childrens books

Sounds just like my son.

The story is printed on thick paper with beautiful illustrations that are vivid and fun for children. I really appreciate that a couple of the pages will ask the child a question based on what was just read and the photo.

inspire me to personalized children's book

The story has facts about my child, that she can relate to. Best of all, this book is teaching my child about eating healthy, making it an educational book she can treasure for life.

The only issue I had was answering one question when creating our book, “choose the ant’s favorite vegetable.” The only options were spinach salad, carrots and red bell peppers, none of which Zoe likes. Broccoli would have been her favorite. I know these answers are based on the illustrations but would love to see a few more options in the future. They give you three choices for the questions they ask.

The back page has an about the contributing author and added Zoe’s photo and the description I added.

inspire me to personalized children's book

Every detail in this children’s book is outstanding.

Picnic Crasher is recommended for children 4-6 and I’d highly recommend to anyone. The entire creating process was simple, and the book is perfect for our family.

For more information on how you can create a book starring your child visit Books are written, illustrated and printed here in the USA! Retail: $34.99

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  2. These look so cute! My daughter loves seeing her name in things, this would make her soooo excited!

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  4. Liza Ramsey says:

    Picnic Crasher but they all look good.

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    Beautiful Butterflies

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    Beautiful Butterflies

  8. not sure i love all of them – maybe the dragonfly explorers!

  9. Would get How Can Firefly Help?

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