Our Family is Saying Yes to Less Sugar, What Will You Pledge #SayYes2Less

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Little Remedies. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

January 2 will mark one year since I introduced myself to a healthier lifestyle. I never thought I would make it one day but I’ve made it almost 365!

I chose to exercise and eat healthier because I care about me. I have two little one’s that need their mommy around so that means I have to take better care of myself. There is no nightly indulging, instead I choose healthier foods, prepare nutritious meals for my family and have slowly removed the bad foods from our home.

I have done well for me, eating about 90% clean, but now it is time to teach my family all about making healthier choices, that are beneficial to their health, which isn’t easy when they have grown to love the foods they eat. But they are young and change can and will happen.

I am vowing to Say Yes To Less sugar for my entire family. Sugar is detrimental to our health in so many ways. But as a parent I worry about my young children, specifically their teeth rotting and obesity. I want my kids to know that sugary foods do not have to be a part of our diet, that we can choose better options.

About a month ago, we made a few changes, first up was the sugar laden cereals. Now, we are choosing healthy whole grain cereals and adding fruit to sweeten. Second, the sugar-filled drinks are gone. My kids weren’t big water drinkers, so we sat down and talked about why I drink so much of it and why it is good for them. We never have soda so that isn’t a problem, but juice is gone. We love smoothies and juicing so removing the juices was simple.

Now we are working on other areas. We are getting rid of one product they love a week and finding alternatives. Instead of their favorite butter flavored syrup, we have been using 100% pure maple syrup. We are currently working on getting them to appreciate Greek yogurt (my favorite)!

Little Remedies Say Yes to Less

Since they see me eating healthy all day every day, I’m hoping this transition goes smooth. I know it won’t be easy but we will succeed thanks to the knowledge I’ve learned this past year and thanks to the help of the Little Remedies Say Yes to Less Campaign.

We can all say yes to less by pledging to eat less sugar, having less distractions, less waste or less negativity. Things we do not need in our lives! When you pledge, you can complete daily check-ins and earn badges to keep track of goals to help track your 30 days of Saying Yes to Less.

What is great though, is when you register to Say Yes to Less, Little Remedies will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish for the first 100,000 people!

Little Remedies Makes Kid’s Better

little remedies products

We love Little Remedies already for giving us a safe option when my children aren’t feeling well. Their products have no dyes, no artificial flavors and no alcohol. When my kids are sick and not feeling well from cold season, we always have Little Remedies for Colds in our medicine cabinet. It works, the kids don’t mind the flavor and this is a multi-symptom formula, so no need for numerous medicines. But for me, we do not give medicines often. We try to let it run its coarse and fill our bodies with Vitamin C. It is important to know when a child needs it. I would highly recommend lots of fluids, rest and going over hand washing techniques with children when they are sick, to remind them about the cold & flu season.

Ready to Say Yes to Less? Head on over today to make your pledge.

What will you Say Yes to Less too?

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  1. karen medlin says:

    My pledge is less distractions, which will help me do a better job on my tasks. I Have not used Little Remedies yet, but will be looking out for this on my next shopping trip.

  2. 75 pounds ago, I was addicted to soda and candy. Losing weight definitely made a difference in how I feel, but I honestly believe I wouldn’t have been as successful if I kept trying to consume the same bad-for-me things that got me to my highest weight. I still indulge in a sweet treat now and then, but I haven’t touched a drop of soda since January and I feel so much better!

  3. I would love to pledge for less distractions too, but not sure it will happen. I have used the Little Remedies in the past because I prefer the more natural products.

  4. You know what Nichol? I’ve been overdoing it with sugary foods, for my kids and myself. And I can’t lose five pounds that I need to lose because I keep drinking sugary drinks. I’m going to do this, say yes to less, because it’s not good for ANY of us that I allow it in our diets so much :(

    Heading over to make the pledge.

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