Pegboards with a Purpose

pegboard wall with tools

If you thought a pegboard is only good in garages and for hanging up tools that you only use once or twice a year, think again! From kitchens to craft rooms and bedrooms to basements, if there’s something you need to hang, dangle, separate or otherwise straighten out, a pegboard is your solution.

Here are just a few of the brilliantly unusual ways that pegboards are working themselves into unexpected areas of the home.

Kitchen Component

Although there are likely many more, here are three of the coolest ways to use pegboards in the kitchen.

On the Wall Techy Tool Station
pegboard iPad holder

Not only can you keep your whisk at the ready with this pegboard wall organizer for the kitchen, but you can also create a little perch for your tablet or smartphone so you can easily read a recipe or watch an instructional video as you prepare dinner.

In the Cabinets Drawer Organizers
pegboard and dowel organizer

If you worry about dishes in drawers sliding around and crashing into each other, separate them with a simple pegboard and dowel organizer. You can purchase a ready-made organizer like this one from Rev-A-Shelf, or you can make your own with a sheet of pegboard cut to fit inside your drawer and dowels you can place across or around the board as needed.

DIY Coupon Wall

Want a quick way to keep your coupons organized and separated? Hang a pegboard on the wall and attach hooks. From here, you can hang baskets with large groups of coupons (by store, expiration date, item, etc.) or even inexpensive clear plastic bags into which you can further subdivide coupons however you wish.

Beat Bedroom Blahs


With a few sheets of pegboard and some paint, you can create your very own completely custom headboard.

For a design like this Union Jack flag, purchase pegboard sheets to fully cover the back of your bed and screw them into the wall, leaving a little bit of space between the board and the wall so that you can actually use the pegs to hang items like baskets filled with books (like shelves) or even attaching desk lamps for some illumination!

From here, use a foam roller to prime the boards and draw your design with pencil first. Once you’re ready to start painting, be careful not to overload your brush with paint as it will pool behind the pegs. If you are painting straight lines, create crisp edges with painter’s tape, or if you are painting a design free-hand, you can still use the pegs as a guide to keep your lines level.

Complete the headboard by framing out the edges with painted trim and a quick, light sanding over the whole surface if you want to take off the air of newness of the paint.

What are some of the other creative ways you’ve seen pegboard incorporated into home d├ęcor or used for organization?

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  1. Those are all really cool, creative ideas.

  2. In my last house, I had a huge pegboard above a huge work table and that’s where I did my scrapbooking and stored my supplies. It was awesome!

  3. Great ideas for using pegboard! My Dad used to have pegboard in the pantry and used it to hang up pots and pans and candy molds.

    • We have a pegboard in our basement area going down the stairs. It’s where I hang the broom, dust pan, mop, and grilling stuff plus some other things. Very handy for my basement wall:)

  4. I love that headboard!

  5. I’d love to have pegboard in my kitchen! If only I had the space for it!

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