Skinit inkFusion Custom Cell Phone Cases Review

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Technology has evolved so much. We trust our devices for business, fun and to stay connected . They are a part of every day life, for me as a professional blogger, to share pictures on social media quickly, to check email when I'm away from home and to text or call family & friends.

Since my cell phone is with me all day, every day, I love that I'm able to create and customize my very own cell phone case, that represents my personality.

Skinit, leaders in personalization and customization for phones and mobile device accessories, has the next generation line of customizablec cell phone cases with the new Skinit inkFusion phone cases. I created an inkFusion Lite case on the simple Skinit customizer. I chose my phone model (Galaxy SIII) and was ready to begin. On the customization tool it displays a blank phone case.

From here I was able to choose shapes, add my own photos, add text, change the background color of the case and rotate layers. There was really so much I could do.

After browsing around the shapes library which included splatter, games, stars, hearts, nature, insects and more, I decided to choose the abstract-1 design. I really liked the look of that. Once I added the shape, I then scaled the image to fit into the dotted area recommend by and rotated the shape. It was time to change the color of the shape! From here I decided I wanted my name on the phone. There are 15 font styles you can choose from, so choose a font that fits your personality.

I just wanted my phone case to be fun, which is exactly how it turned out. I'm digging my one-of-a-kind case, created by me, for me!

I love the yellow color with coral color abstract shape and my name in green. The colors are vivid and sharp. The inkFusion Lite Case is a single ThermoPlastic Polymer Hard Shell Case comprised of a hard shell.

If you wanted a two piece, choose the inkFusion Pro Case as this case is comprised of a hard shell and an impact absorbing liner.  The inkFusion Lite case is lightweight and both styles feature glossy scratch resistant coating.

Though, I'm loving my phone case that I made I absolute LOVE the branded inkFusion Pro case Skinit made for me.

They took my logo and made it perfect on the case. The colors match perfectly. I'm very impressed with the  inkFusion line of cell phone cases and will definitely be making an nkFusion Samsung Galaxy S4 Case as soon as I upgrade. 

Create your new inkFusion iPhone 5 Case or they are available for iPhone 5C, iPhone 4/4S, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4 with prices starting at $29.99.

What would you choose for your custom design? Sports, favorite character or something else?

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  1. I like to accessorize my phone in ways that are unique to me–this is really neat. I’d love to try it one day.

  2. So cool! I would love to have my blogs logo on my phone!

  3. I love that! I need a customized case so badly!

  4. That case looks awesome! I’m gonna have to look into getting something like that. :-)

  5. I just got a new phone for Christmas and need a case badly. Too bad my phone is not on the list. Looks like they have some great options for customizing.

  6. Billie @ Rowell Reviews says:

    How cool, I would love to make my own.

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