TINKERTOY Super Tink Building Set #56434 Review

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Tinkertoy part of the K’NEX family, is a classic toy that has been loved by many for 100 years, is a wonderful toy for children of all ages to boost imagination. The high quality brightly colored construction sets are made of durable plastic pieces that are easy for children as they snap together, so children can build from the ideas provided or as open-ended play using their imaginations.

TINKERTOY Super Tink Building Set #56434 Review

The TINKERTOY Super Tink Building Set #56434 is an ideal set for toddlers age 3+ as pieces are larger, so little one’s can pick up pieces easily. Children can get started with 15 ideas that are presented with the set to create clever vehicles that move, animals, shapes and more. This set has an assortment of brightly colored pieces including spools, rods, eyes, bendable rods and a Super Tink buildable figure.

TINKERTOY Super Tink Building Set #56434 Review

What we like about TINKERTOY building sets are they provide open-ended play. Children can create wonderful structures with the sets using their creativity. There are no batteries involved, a huge plus for parents, since we don’t want loud toys all the time. TINKERTOY helps build small motor skills, critical thinking and builds imaginations. We also appreciate that every rod, spool, and flag included in the Tinkertoy building sets are made in the USA!

TINKERTOY Super Tink Building Set #56434 Review

We just love them and have for years. I played with the wooden TINKERTOY sets as a young child and adore watching both of my kids build with the redesigned TINKERTOY sets.

This set has 150 pieces to create with. Since this includes an adorable superhero with the set, ideas to build have a tall skyscraper and fighter jet. TINKERTOY thought of boys & girls with this set as Super Tink can be a super boy or super girl. When wearing the black hair it resembles a girl

TINKERTOY Super Tink Building Set #56434 Review

when wearing the orange hair, it resembles a boy

TINKERTOY Super Tink Building Set #56434 Review

The set arrives in a sturdy box with lid for storage.

The only downfall is there aren’t many pieces so if you want to create a few items then you’ll have to break apart creations already built. We have a ton of TINKERTOYS so this is not an issue for us. I would highly recommend adding the TINKERTOY Essential Building Kit to give you 100 more TINKERTOY pieces to build with. Also, some pieces such as the rods can be difficult pulling out of spools, so children may need help separating pieces.

TINKERTOY Super Tink Building Set #56434 Review

What will your kids build with their set?

The TINKERTOY Super Tink Building Set retails for $44.99 and can be purchased on www.knex.com or Amazon.

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  1. We have a set of these and my boys play with them every single day. They are awesome.

  2. That looks so cool, how totally fun! I love how this makes children so creative.

  3. I have to admit that I really love the eyes in Tinker Toys. They help make creatures, not just structures. Zoey’s creation is nearly as tall as she is!

    Merry Christmas, my dear friend! I miss you! I hope to see you sometime soon because RevRet 1 was a loooooooooooooong time ago.

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