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As a mom I wanted to exclusively breastfeed my first born son. I didn't expect him to become extremely ill at 3 weeks old and almost passing away. During his stay in the hospital we found out Gavyn was born with a congenital heart defect; ventricular septal defect (VSD). The hole in the lower two chambers of his heart was so large, they wanted to immediately perform open heart surgery. This was never performed due to so much blood loss from a circumcision. He survived, but because of the VSD he lost weight, a lot of weight. Born at 7lbs 12 oz and falling to a low of 6 lbs 2 oz. You see, with how large the VSD was, Gavyn was breathing very hard and fast. Because of this he was burning so many calories just from breathing, losing too much weight. This lead to talks with a nutritionist about supplementing mamas milk with infant formula. My heart was broken, but I had to do what was best for my sick newborn.

We agreed to half and half his bottles plus we had to add glucosamine powder. He wasn't gaining, so all the milk I had pumped while he was in the hospital I used up and we had to change to formula feeding.

Talk about expensive!

Our family made too much money to qualify for help so I chose a store brand similar to SIMPLY RIGHT™ Infant Formula available at Sam's Club. SIMPLY RIGHT™ Infant Formula is available in three options; Baby Care Gentle®, Baby Care Complete®, or Baby Care Sensitivity® and is Clinically proven to support growth and development, now with Lutein for brain and eye health. What's so nice about the SIMPLY RIGHT™ formula is you will save money. Money saving is necessary when you have a newborn especially a sick newborn. With the online savings calculator you can compare costs in formula and save up to $617 in one year as a Sam's Club member! $617!

SIMPLY RIGHT™ makes bottle making simple with the easy open zip top, mess free scoop holder and built-in scoop leveler.

We all know breast is best, but when life doesn't go as planned, sometimes plans have to change. My son is now a thriving 11 year old, that NEVER needed open heart surgery. Right after his 5th birthday we were told the hole had completely closed. GOD is good.

Did you use a store brand formula so you could save money?

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  1. Amazing that it healed all on it’s own!

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