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Both of my children know that choosing healthy snacks is important to me as a parent. Having a very picky son, doesn’t make finding healthy snacks for kids an easy task.  Gavyn likes very minimal fresh fruits & vegetables though Zoe enjoys most. Since Gavyn is so picky, you can always find fruit cups in my pantry. Though, not raw fruit like I’d like, he is still getting a low calorie snack that is nutritious.

We recently had the opportunity to try a few Del Monte products, both new to me as I have never purchased them.

Del Monte Fruit Burst™ Squeezers and Del Monte Mango and Mango Pineapple Fruit Cup.

del monte fruit cups

I’ll admit mango and pineapple aren’t flavors I’d typically choose because my kids aren’t fans of fresh mango or pineapple, so I just assumed they wouldn’t like them in fruit cup form. Gavyn, my picky one, still didn’t like them, but Zoe appreciated every chunk of fruit packed in these fruit cups.

del monte mango pineapple fruit cup

Both varieties are packed in light syrup and provide 70 calories with no fat or sodium and offer 100% Vitamin C. These fruit cup snacks make a simple on-the-go snack and easily pack into their lunches. Zoe liked the sweetness from the mangos, which is good, because she dislikes a fresh mango.

del monte mango pineapple fruit cup

The mango pineapple variety she enjoyed paired together. She usually refuses pineapple so this was also good. Zoe has told me the mango fruit cups must be bought all the time now.

Del Monte Fruit Burst™ Squeezers

We also tried a product I’ve never heard of, the Del Monte Fruit Burst™ Squeezers . There are two varieties available; Fruit+Veggie and Simply Fruit with several flavors available. We received peach-mango Fruit+Veggie flavor and mixed berry Simply Fruit flavor. I love that these little pouches are made in the U.S.A and provide 1 ½ servings of real fruit and real fruit & veggies.

del monte fruit burst squeezers

The Simply Fruit variety includes ingredients such as pear puree concentrate, pear juice concentrate, strawberry puree, red raspberry puree and fruit and vegetable extracts for colors. No dyes, no artificial junk and best of all NO high fructose corn syrup. The Fruit+Veggie include fruit concentrates as well as pumpkin juice, carrot juice, carrot puree and mango puree. The pouches are easy for kids to drink their fruits and veggies. Unfortunately again my picky son had no desire to try them, but I made him. He said they were better then he thought they’d be and shockingly enjoyed the Fruit+Veggie peach mango flavor better. These are similar to a smoothie consistency and quite delicious. A bit sweet for my liking but Zoe says it’s fruit mom, it should be sweet. She also says that fruit in a pouch is fun to drink because the pouch is “squishy”.  She asks for them after school and before bed.

Del Monte Fruit Burst™ Squeezers

They are small BPA free pouches (3.2 oz) but if not drank in one sitting, the cap can be put back on and placed in the fridge to enjoy later on. Easy for on-the-go, school lunches or just to snack on, without any guilt. The Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers have 80 calories per pouch, no fat and are high in Vitamin C & A.

You can find both products at your local Walmart stores.

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  1. Apples with peanut butter!

  2. My kids love bananas or apples with peanut butter,

  3. My children always loved fresh fruit… the more the better. I would cut up Pineapple, mango and kiwi then add other fruit seasons permitting

  4. Kimberly Bauer says:

    Raw carrots and peppers with Ranch dressing.

  5. apples and grapes!

  6. Apples and oranges are favorite.

  7. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Grapes are a favorite!

  8. My kids like plain popcorn

  9. Thomas Murphy says:

    My kids like grapes.

  10. My daughter loves pretzels

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