Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Cat Litter Review + $3.00 off Coupon

I’m a mom of not only children, but furry cat babies as well. They are my world. Callie is my sweet chubby calico and the oldest since losing our sick elderly cat of 14 years.
calico cat picture
We adopted Norton in August, he’s my cat full of personality and loves to cuddle

beautiful cat photo

and in December we adopted Elliott, my handsome, hyper, 8 month old kitten

medium haired cat

As you can imagine, the litter box can get stinky.  And according to a new survey by Wakefield Research for Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal, a majority (77%) of Americans claim they can tell someone has a cat just by the smell of their home and 76% have, or have considered, not going to someone’s house because of the way it smelled. Yikes, I don’t want that so extra strength and odor control cat litter for multi-cats is essential in our home. And I’ll admit I’m a total brand girl. I try new brands but always go back to this

arm & hammer Ultra Last litter

So when I was asked to review the new Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal, I didn’t hesitate since Arm & Hammer is my preferred cat litter, because it works!
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Cat Litter + $3.00 off Coupon

The litter box is kept in our basement, they have a cat door on the basement door to get down there, so while my home doesn’t get smelly the basement can. What drew my attention to this product was the statement 7 Day Odor-Free Home Guaranteed. This is unheard of with cat litter. After a few days I can usually smell the litter even though I poop scoop 3-4 times per day.

Clump & Seal comes in two varieties multi-cat and fresh home. I couldn’t find the multi-cat in two of my stores so I picked up the fresh home. Upon pouring into the litter boxes I noticed:

No dust when pouring
Fresh scent
Small granular almost like sand just a bit firmer

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Cat Litter + $3.00 off Coupon

I was excited for this. The litter is specially formulated with moisture-activated micro-granules to form a tight seal around cat waste. This was so true. When scooping there was NO crumbly clumps of urine, something I can’t stand.  I’ll spare you the pictures of urine and poop in this article.  Even while I scooped I couldn’t smell the waste. Just a fresh scent from the Arm & Hammer baking soda that is sealing in those odors. All 3 of my cats seem to like the fine granules and it is practically dust free when they come out. I no longer see kitty paws when they exit the litter box.

Norton is my stinky kitty. I’m not sure why but you do not want to be near the litter when he goes potty. Almost, every time I scoop after him, I gag. I haven’t had that in the 9 days I’ve been using this. This litter REALLY DOES SEAL AND DESTROY ODORS!

As an Arm & Hammer cat litter mom, I’ll be making the switch to another Arm & Hammer cat litter. They impress me every time a new product comes out. This litter works extremely well and the litter boxes never smell.

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal cat litter Fresh Home and Multi-Cat is available in 14lb, 19lb, 25.8lb, and 28lb. sizes. Retail $7.99-$17.99 available at retail stores nationwide.

To learn more visit where you can also print a $3.00 off money saving coupon to try the new Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal.

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  1. Christina says:

    Aww, you have some beautiful kitties! I was really impressed with the Clump & Seal litter too. Although I had to mix it 50/50 with our old litter for a few weeks (my cats are SO picky lol) … even when it was mixed, I was so surprised to see how well it clumped and that the clumps weren’t falling apart as I scooped. Love it. I think most scoopable litter still leaves behind a stink because the clumps tend to fall apart but not this litter! Loved that it wasn’t dusty either since dusty litter sends one of my cats into horrible coughing fits (that always scare the crap out of me).

  2. I should have my MIL read this post! She is the cat lady of the family. :)

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