Spring Cleaning with Goodwill Donate Stuff Create Jobs #7DaysofSpringCleaning

This post was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own.

Is it just me, or do you LOVE spring cleaning? There is something about getting everything in my home organized, junk tossed out, getting clothes, toys and other items in boxes for donation and ridding all the dust bunnies.

As an OCD cleaner the excitement doesn’t end until my home is sparkling. And while cleaning isn’t everyone’s fancy, it can be fun but remember it is always worse

spring cleaning kids bedroom

spring cleaning kids bedroom

Before it gets better

spring cleaning kids bedroom

spring cleaning kids bedroom

So don’t get discouraged, because the results are so worth it.

Since everything needs to be cleaned, just clean. Do whatever you feel comfortable with but here are my quick spring cleaning tips.

  • Start at the top of your home and work your way down. I have a finished attic so that is where I start. Clean every nook and cranny, windows, stairs…EVERYTHING.
  • Make use of boxes to stay organized. Label the boxes; keep, donate, trash. This is especially helpful in the kids rooms and playrooms since they have the most clothes and toys that they’ve outgrown.
  • Only clean 1 or 2 rooms a day so you don’t get tired of cleaning and not want to finish. If you focus on one room at a time, you can really get through the clutter and dirt. Keep basements and more cluttered rooms for last.
  • Don’t keep things you never use, this is how hoarding happens. If you haven’t used that ironing board since 2009 it is probably time to part with it.
  • Participate in the Goodwill 7 Days of Spring Cleaning challenge. Goodwill is here to help everyone get their home tidy by cleaning different areas of your home in seven consecutive days.


Day 1) Clear your closet clutter
Day 2) Time to tackle the kitchen
Day 3) Spread holiday cheer (holiday decorations, center pieces, Halloween)
Day 4) Downsize your tech toys (used laptops)
Day 5) Clean out your office supplies
Day 6) Provide quality entertainment (unused movies, video games)
Day 7) Downsize your bookshelf

Donating is one of my favorite things to do. I feel wonderful when I’m able to help family and friends and give to organizations for others in my community. Donating also teaches my children the important lesson of giving and helping others in an easy way and we can also check out our donation impact!

Did you know that when you donate you create jobs?

Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.

Check out How to Clean Your Home AND Create Jobs by Goodwill Industries International on Snapguide.

The Ad Counsel and Goodwill need our help to help our own communities to create jobs. When you donate clothing and other household items to Goodwill, Goodwill uses the revenue from the donated items to provide job training and employment placement. Check out the video for more information.

Will you be spring cleaning? Even if you don’t like to, take this one time to make an impact on those in your community!

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  1. I actually Freecycle a lot of my stuff. It’s all local people and I can pick someone who really needs my stuff.

  2. Those are the exact tools I use when I clean. Organizers like us do this often! :) We have to stick together! :)

  3. The afters are incredible! I actually got the idea from another blogger to (for Lent) pack up a bag of donations a day, and I have been…which is shocking- I have so much junk! I can’t believe I filled so many bags already.

  4. Terra Heck says:

    I’ve been in the middle of spring cleaning and getting rid of things. I’ve donated a lot to Ladies of Charity, a local charity that takes the items and gives them to needy families for free. I like to shop Goodwill from time to time when I’m at a place where one is located. Unfortunately, there’s not one located in my area.

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