5 Simple Ways to Start Your Day Right

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Being a working, career-oriented woman can sometimes be tiring. You have to deal with work stress, board meetings, domestic life and more, which may take a toll on your well-being. To keep you sane, always remember a few simple tricks for a better morning. From spraying fragrance for women after bathing to reading a good book over a cup of coffee, here are 5 simple ways to start your day right.

5 Simple Ways to Start Your Day RightPhoto Credit: winnond

1. Stretch. There’s always a reason why stretching is a good idea in the morning. That’s because your sleeping muscles will not only be woken up, but your tired body will also have a sudden boost of strength in the morning. If you’re not a fan of exercise, a 5-minute stretch can still do wonders.

2. Shower. You need to start your day right with a nice hot shower. This is so much better when you’re listening to upbeat music while you’re all bubbly from head to toe. The right type of music will keep you moving.

3. Dress Up. The way you dress will determine your mood for the day. You want it serious? Go for something corporate black. Want to feel carefree? Wear vibrant colors. To top off your morning, spray a bit of fragrance on your neck. An Armani perfume can definitely jumpstart your day.

4. Drink. Coffee in the morning can be an instant wake me-upper. The aroma of hot coffee is just so inviting, it makes you want to do something productive while sipping it. How about a novel you’ve been forgetting to read or a newspaper?

5. Smile. A day becomes right when you have the right attitude. Don’t forget to smile because not only will your day become better but others, too. Share the gift of happiness. Greet someone sincerely with a “Good morning!” or ask someone how his or her morning has been. Chit-chatting with strangers should always come with a sincere smile.


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