Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes One Direction Singing Toothbrushes Review #ToothTunes1D

Proper dental hygiene starts at home during childhood, before our children even have teeth. We brush their tender gums, their first teeth when they pop through and continue to guide our school-aged children on proper care of their teeth. Teaching my kids good oral hygiene is crucial to me as a parent, as I want my children to have beautiful smiles, prevent cavities and to learn a healthy habit that is great for their overall health.

Zoe just had her 6 month checkup, and I’m pleased to say she has finally learned all the proper techniques such as flossing nightly, brushing twice a day for 2 minutes each and brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush using short strokes, ensuring she is not damaging her gums. Her dentist said her teeth are amazingly clean. Sure, I still supervise, however she sets her timer or uses a singing toothbrush such as the ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ toothbrush.

Arm & Hammer™ Tooth Tunes™ are the #1 kids battery toothbrushes, featuring Music in Your Mouth™ technology that streams sound vibration from the bristles through the toothbrush ensuring kids hear the music while they brush. Now Arm & Hammer has a new toothbrush One Direction fans are going to love. The Arm & Hammer™ Tooth Tunes™ One Direction toothbrush is now available in two chart topping songs, What Makes You Beautiful or One Thing.

tooth tunes one direction toothbrush

One Direction is Zoe’s most admired pop music group right now, with What Makes You Beautiful as her favorite song ever. Now she can brush her teeth featuring her favorite group on the front of the brush, for the minimum amount of time to effectively clean all her teeth to her favorite song and boy band. The One Direction Tooth Tunes toothbrush has a start button for children to easily turn it on and begin brushing at the start of a beep.

tooth tunes one direction singing toothbrush

The music to One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful begins to play, and will continue to do so for 2 minutes. When the singing stops, Zoe stops brushing, rinses her toothbrush and sets it on the counter, as the square base allows the toothbrush to stand. The toothbrush is comfortable to hold as it has rubber gripping on the back. The music doesn’t play loud either. Zoe likes to brush her teeth and now it is more fun with a singing toothbrush to get her pearly whites cleaned.

tooth tunes one direction singing toothbrush

ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ featuring One Direction is the only toothbrushes that plays One Direction in North America.  ARM & HAMMER Tooth Tunes™ launched in July 2012 featuring:

-“All Day” performed by Cody Simpson
-“Dynamite” performed by Taio Cruz
-“I Gotta Feeling” performed by Black Eyed Peas
-“If I Ruled the World” performed by Big Time Rush
-“Round & Round” performed by Selena Gomez & The Scene
-“Tonight, Tonight” performed by Hot Chelle Rae
-“We Will Rock You” performed by Queen

They retail for $9.99 and encourage proper brushing techniques. Find them at local retailers nationwide!  Visit Arm & Hammer™ Tooth Tunes™ for more information and find Arm & Hammer on Facebook

tooth tunes one direction singing toothbrush

I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ partnered in support of this campaign. ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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    I need one of these for Shaun and for Shae. They HATE brushing their teeth and I think this would help make the process a little more bearable. Thanks for the great review.

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    This is so smart…we tried soap once that plays a song for the amount of time you’re supposed to scrub. This is the other thing Emma tries to do quickly.

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