Imaginative Play with Puppet Monsters Review & Giveaway

Encouraging children to use their creativity, language skills and to develop a love of play is essential to learning skills. Imaginative play with puppets is a great way for kids to interact, share their feelings and to develop learning skills by using their imaginations. Stuffed animals also do the same, allowing children to express their feelings, use as a play prop and become a young child’s best friend. Now children can have a toy that offers both a puppet and colorful plush with Puppet Monsters.  As Seen on TV Puppet Monsters are loveable monster puppets, with interchangeable parts presenting kids a way to express their creativity in numerous ways.

as seen on tv puppet monsters

Puppet Monsters arrive assembled, though when you remove all their parts – hands, arms, ears, eyes, nose, kids have a furry hat. Construct the puppet monster by connecting the accessories to the hat by mixing and matching and kids have their very own unique puppet.

as seen on tv puppet monsters

Zoe chose Twinkly Eyes, a furry pink puppet monster with purple attachments as it was the most girly. Once our Puppet Monster arrived, Zoe took it right away to begin play, she loves the tail on the back.

as seen on tv puppet monsters

About 5 minutes after playing, she had tears, carrying the puppets arm in her hand saying she had broken her. Note: They do not break, but because the parts are removable they have secure plastic pieces with white elastic that fit inside of holes. They can easily come off if children tug to hard on a piece. They easily go back into the hole so children can enjoy again. Show your children how to place the accessory back on so they can rebuild independently. The holes can be seen on the inside of the monster.  There are many!

as seen on tv puppet monsters

Zoe has had a great time wearing her monster as a hat and placing her fingers inside the puppets hands using it as a puppet.

as seen on tv puppet monsters

She has performed various puppet shows with Twinkly Eyes, enabling us to observe her imagination, what she is thinking and feeling and watching her confidence grow while performing in front of us. Because parts are removable Zoe can pretend her puppet is going to the doctors to fix their arms, check their eyes and brings her puppet to a hair salon to get a new do. The possibilities of creative play are endless with the adorable and wearable plush toy.

as seen on tv puppet monsters

Storage is a breeze as well if children want to remove parts, as they suitably fit in the monsters head. Ours even arrived with a plush bag to store. They are even washable!  Though, the website shows Twinkly Eyes with green hands, they are yellow in person.

Puppets Monsters are available in six models; Silly Dragon, Dizzy Antlers, Big Beak, Twinkley Eyes, Jumbo Eyes and Mr. Mustache. One additional accessory kit is available FREE with each Puppet Monster purchased – pay only an additional $6.95 processing and handling fee. Puppet Monsters retail for $19.95 plus S/H.

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Puppet Monsters received for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own


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