Bedroom Remodel….My Purple Palace

Yippee! You do not even know how happy I am to have a beautiful bedroom. When you’ve been sleeping in a room that looks so dark and dreary, it gets quite depressing, and I never want to be in there.

I’m quite embarrassed that was my room, but it is what it is. So after removing 4 layers of old wallpaper, and lots of mudding and sanding, my dream bedroom is here.

Hubby gave me all my wishes and more! It’s my purple palace! I checked out redecorating ideas and purchased new bedding which I found this great 8 piece comforter set at Walmart for $40!(Love my deals:) The Always Kiss Me Goodnight print above the bed is again another poster print I got on Amazon and had it put onto a plaque. It turned out great. The back wall is named Purple Province from Mythic Paint. Love the dark accent wall.

Here’s a view from the far corner of the room

And the wall when you walk in. The photo on the wall is actually a 36×24 poster print I got at for only $4.98. Walmart had the frame for $19.99. Can’t beat that price!

And the closet wall

We haven’t finished the closet yet, because we want to get a flat panel TV and build a spot above the tall dresser for it. The furniture will be gone come tax time as we are finally getting a new bedroom suite! Can’t wait for that. We also purchased a cream colored area rug, which I think adds so much warmth to the room. We added a ceiling fan which is only temporary. We will be getting a larger one soon. I purchased more faux wood blinds. I will add my review about this company to my event, because the first company we used actually SUCK. They treated us really bad when trying to order blinds for our room. So I would never recommend them again and am in the process of removing Payless Decor from Gavyn’s Army bedroom remodel post. Do not order from them ever!

So what do you think of my purple bedroom? To dramatic for you? I love it and that’s all that matters. I cannot stop going up to the door way and staring. Hubby you did a great job, thank you!!!


  1. Frugal Tumbleweed Acres says

    I love your Purple Palace since I'm a purple fanatic myself. We even have the same bedding. I am so pleased it.

  2. Alexis AKA MOM says

    wow my dear you did an amazing job!! LOVE the purple, Rick would never let me do purple.

    You did a GREAT job with the remodel.

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