Best Coffee Maker Ever! iCoffee with SteamBrew Technology by Remington Review

iCoffee provided complimentary product for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.

iCoffee with SteamBrew Technology by Remington

I have owned many styles and brands of coffee makers since the young age of 17 when I lived on my own and started to really appreciate coffee. I’ve owned basic drip coffee makers, single cup brewing systems and percolators for family gatherings.

I like all of them for different reasons. With my single cup system I can brew any flavor of coffee I want in seconds whether iced, flavored or cappuccino plus it is convenient. Obviously a drip coffee maker brews a full pot perfect for many people or several cups. I honestly never thought they were different and that all coffee tasted the same (unless it was an awful brand of coffee) until I was introduced to the iCoffee by Remington.

icoffee by remington review

Could an at-home coffee brewing machine make perfect coffee every time, tasting smooth and fresh? I was about to find out.

iCoffee is a state-of-the-art coffee maker with SteamBrew Technology. Resembling a drip maker we are familiar with but oh so different. The iCoffee features a 12-cup water reservoir, carafe with water level indicator, premium Goldtone filter brew basket, rotational SteamBrew viewing window, LCD display, buttons and small non-skid pads on the bottom so it doesn’t move.

Before using the iCoffee you’ll need to clean everything, set the clock and clean & sanitize. This is a modern machine as it will tell you on the display what it is doing. It will show heating water or if the reservoir hasn’t been filled with water it will display add H2O. Oh and if you forget to put the lid on the brewing basket it will tell you that as well. It essentially talks to you!

iCoffee with SteamBrew Technology by Remington Review

To make a pot of coffee you’ll fill the water reservoir with desired amount of water. Please note: 12-cup is the max capacity. Add ground coffee to the brewing basket. This is a permanent filter that will be rinsed each time you make a pot of coffee.

icoffee by remington review

You will not be using paper filters in this maker. The brew basket will save you money plus with it being Goldtone it is built to last. Place carafe on the warming plate, press the on/off button and wait for your coffee to brew.

This brews fairly fast but just watch while it brews through the SteamBrew viewing window.

iCoffee with SteamBrew Technology by Remington Review

This is what makes this completely different to make the best coffee every single time. Instead of our typical automatic drip brewers that flows through a hole onto some of the coffee grounds and drips into the carafe the iCoffee utilizes six rotational water jets to completely surround, suspend, stir and steam your favorite coffee in piping hot water ensuring that the bitter acidic oils produced by conventional brewing is, a thing of the past. I have enjoyed watching through the window my grounds being steamed, then rotated and steamed some more then coming into the carafe.

Check out my quick iCoffee video showing you the brewing process!!

I was ready to taste test and was shocked at the flavor. This is truly the best tasting coffee I have ever had. No bitterness, just pure, flavorsome coffee every single time. I did nothing different. I used the same amount of scoops and water as my previous maker so it is all in the maker. With the iCoffee you can ensure you will have the finest tasting coffee cup after cup.

iCoffee with SteamBrew Technology by Remington Review

It is innovative hence the (i) in iCoffee…and I have never found a coffee to taste this great. I tried several coffees from a name brand to whole bean ground in the coffee grinder, to organic. Each cup I brewed was the same – smooth, fresh, and perfectly brewed, without acid or an unpleasant aftertaste.

How could I go back to anything after this? I won’t. If you enjoy your coffee black, you are going to love this. I’m not a black coffee fan but can handle it from the iCoffee as it is smooth without a charred flavor.

iCoffee with SteamBrew Technology by Remington Review

The iCoffee by Remington has been in the making for 7 years so you are guaranteed to have a smooth cup of creamy coffee every time. So get your coffee on! This offers programmable auto start and a pleasing Mozart tune that can be turned on or off if you don’t need classical music playing, but I like it! Once brewed the warming plate will remain on for up to two hours. So if you haven’t drank your pot of coffee in that time, you’ll need to warm up in microwave or make a new pot as you cannot push start again to reheat.

For more information visit and you can find out about the iCoffee on IndieGoGo where you can help with the funding and get reduced prices on the iCoffee for backing the iCoffee by Remington.

Once it hits shelves the iCoffee with retail for $169.95 with free shipping in the USA.

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iCoffee with SteamBrew Technology by Remington Review


  1. says

    Hi Nichole!!
    I appreciate your thorough review of my invention. Your a really good, articulate writer.
    getting the results out there is very helpful in our stage of development.
    if there is anything I can ever do for you, please let me know.
    thank you, Bruce, CEO

    • says

      Thank you so much! I tell everyone who visits and drinks the coffee the make of the coffee maker. Everyone says the same thing about how awesome it tastes. Wonderful invention Bruce, thrilled to feature and spread the word!

  2. jeff mysterious says

    tried the machine…and mixed results…had some good cup and not so good..problem is water pools under basket and machine needs to be tipped over after each cup is brewed. Not crazy about the design.

    • says

      Hi Jeff, I’m not sure what you mean that you have to tip over after each cup. I’ve had no issues at all with any water pooling. Maybe you should contact the company to see if you possibly have a defect?

      • jeff mysterious says

        After the brew cycle finishes and i lift the basket up…there is about 1/2 to 1 inch of brewed coffee water that seems to pool at once the basked is completely lifted out…so I have the option of soaking it up with a paper toweling which isnt really cleaning it…or tipping it over to empty it..and then spraying clean water and then drying it..if i have to go thru that every time i brew coffee the machine isnt for me…now i only make one cup with it approx 4 ounces of water..maybe thats the problem. i may swap out the machine…but i think its the nature of it…how it was designed..your telling me you dont see any liquid whatsoever at the bottom when you remove the brew basket ?????

        • says

          Hi Jeff,

          No there is no water in the bottom when I remove the brew basket. I’m not sure what would be doing that. I’d be happy to contact the rep I’m working with to see if maybe they can help by commenting on this post if you would like?

          • jeff mysterious says

            yea nichol…you can ask them…maybe i got a faulty unit..not sure…its prob the reason it will be returned…even if there is a little bit of water at bottom..and i dont have to turn it..i still have to soak it up and rinse it out…which is a bummer…

  3. jeff mysterious says

    After playing with the machine a number a times…I have to retract what i said originally about seems there is an inner plastic that is removable from the machine. I was only removing the basket that held the coffee. Once I figured this out and removed that inner basket under the coffee basket the unit was dry. Whqt i was seeing was some brewed coffee that was under that coffee basket. The machine does make great coffee and if your in the market for a new machine give this one a try…again sorry for any confusion this might have caused and happy brewing…:)

    • Melinda says

      Looks like the water/steam tank is made out of plastic. Can someone confirm this? Also, is this made in China? I would be a bit concerned about steaming hot water churning around in a plastic tank, especially plastic coming out of China.

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