Best Selling Popular Lalaloopsy Dolls

Lalaloopsy is very popular with girls of all ages! Did I mention I sit for hours creating hairstyles with Jewel Sparkles? What child wouldn’t love the adorable dolls with buttons, some small… some large, with adorable names?

My daughter is a fanatic. She has several Lalaloopsy dolls, accessories, houses, vehicles, pets and more.

Little girls and parents just adore them, so you know they are going to be a hot seller again this year. Here are some of the most popular best selling Lalaloopsy dolls.

lalaloopsy collector doll Ivory Ice Crystals

Lalaloopsy Collector Doll-Ivory Ice Crystals – She is already selling out! Arrives in a snow globe shaped packages! Ivory Ice Crystals is embellished with pearlescent hair, wearing a luxurious winter fashion and has a special foil package. Available on Amazon for 149.99.

lalaloopsy silly hair doll peanut big top

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Peanut Big Top Doll-Peanut Big top will allow you to create hairstyles just like me! Peanut arrives with her Pet Elephant, Hair beads/bows, and poster. Even Peanut’s Circus elephant has a bendy trunk to match. Available on Amazon for 65.00.

lalaloopsy silly hair star harmony b sharp

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Harmony B Sharp-She’s interactive! She has 6 removable hairstyles that play 6 different songs when placed on Harmony’s head. Place her on her stage, press her chest, and watch as she sings, grooves and spins her hair around. Available at Amazon for 29.98.

lalaloopsy cinder slippers

Lalaloopsy Cinder Slippers-Isn’t she sew cute? I want her! She’s collectible with articulated head, arms, and legs and removable clothes and shoes. Available on Amazon for 44.99.

lalaloopsy sew magical mermaid doll coral sea shells

Lalaloopsy Mermaid Coral Sea Shells Doll-Check out our review of Coral Sea Shells here. This will become your child’s favorite bath toy. She has a mermaid suit and regular suit, plus her hair changes colors! My daughter loves to squirt the blow fish! Available on Amazon for 34.99.

lalaloopsy littles sew cute patient stumbles bumps and bruises

Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient -Zoe love to play doctor (this is actually bought for her for Christmas). The Lalaloopsy Littles doll and pet allow children to feed with Pet bear magic drinking cup with disappearing milk, give medicine to feel better, even includes a stethoscope! Available on Amazonfor 29.99.

Free shipping and coupon codes for a limited time only.  Don’t forget to pick up the super fun Lalaloopsy RC Scooter this year for your Lala fans!


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