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Reading to my children from a very young age was very important to me as a parent. I want both of my kids to have a love for reading that I unfortunately never had. Before both could walk they were sitting on my lap with board books, pointing at pictures, while I would read basic words such as cat, dog and baby. Now that my babies are 10 & 5, reading has not stopped. Gavyn, reads every night after dinner for 15 minutes while I snuggle up with Zoe before bed to read her a bedtime story. Not only is it valuable I am getting my bonding time with my daughter.

Reading to both of my kids has proved to be beneficial in school. I have been praised numerous times by my children’s teachers on how neither of them struggle to read and are excelling in reading. Zoe is in kindergarten reading on a 1st grade level. She can read entire level 1 reading books, can write sentences and knows each part of a book. I’ll continue to read with her for years. Currently, she is reading to me, bringing me such delight as I watch and listen to my baby read stories. Her favorite right now is The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss. I know both of their love of reading has come from me reading to them at such a young age.

Have a child who adores to read and looking to expand their collection of books digitally with endless books? Take a look at Bookboard!

Bookboard is a children’s book service that encourages and supports a new generation of readers with a different approach to reading on digital devices. Rather than providing a digital marketplace where families buy and download books, Bookboard offers an affordable subscription service that allows instant exploration of a vast, curated library.

Bookboard aims to inspire young readers by helping them discover new titles and earn fun achievements. As they read, families discover, unlock, and collect great stories to foster a sense of accomplishment that keeps kids coming back for more. At the same time, parents can track reading progress, and use our fun metrics to motivate kids to read even more.

I just love the entire concept of Bookboard encouraging our children to develop a love for reading in a fun way.  The books are downloaded from the Bookboard app on your iPad.  Unfortunately, we are without an iPad, so I cannot try the service, but it sounds fantastic with a variety of engaging books for our young readers. (I hope to see this on the Android market in the future, so we can explore with Bookboard).  With our digital world expanding more every day and most kids knowing how to use our phones and tablets, this is a great way for kids to read while waiting at the doctors, when bored at a restaurant, trips or just because.

bookboard library

How Bookboard Works

Signing up for Bookboard is easy – it only takes 3 steps. Then tell Bookboard about you and your family of readers, and it will tune the library for each kid. As kids read more, they’re rewarded with more books based on their reading habits and interests. Bookboard grows with your family – new books and fun, delight-driven features are added monthly to keep readers engaged.

Sign Up To Bookboard for a Chance to Win an iPad

Have an iPad? Check out Bookboard for yourself and start encouraging your kids to read today. Reading starts at a young age. Oh and guess what?! For a limited time, when you sign up to Bookboard you’ll receive one month of free access to the service with over 300 books. When you sign up, read a book with your kid/kids by Feb 11th, and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win an iPad mini. How awesome is that! Check out Bookboard today where you can also see Bookboard in action!

This article is sponsored by Bookboard all opinions and thoughts 100% my own


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    My husband said he really wishes he had access to an app like this when he was a kid; he isn’t a big reader either and feels like childhood is really where that habit is established!

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