You Eat Your Cake How?

When I first met my husband there wasn’t much we knew about one another, until we lived together.  You know the weird stuff.  He learned I loved ham, Doritos and mayonnaise sandwiches(yes they are my favorite).  He also learned I am a clean freak and hate my house a mess, I despise doing laundry, tomatoes are gross unless it is ketchup, diced tomatoes in a can, tomato sauce(anything but a fresh tomato), I’m a Diet Pepsi and chocolate freak amongst many others.  So what oddball things did I learn about my husband?  Not many actually.  He enjoys a midnight snack of English muffins with peanut butter and salted peanuts washed down with a mug of milk, his favorite cereal is Golden Grahams, he can eat a sub every day if I allowed him to, and he learned I love him in white!  Yep not weird at all until you have a birthday party with a homemade chocolate fudge cake and you walk into the living room to see this:

eating cake in bowl of milkYes friends this is a piece of chocolate cake in a bowl of milk, just like you eat cereal.  This is his cake from the other night from my brother and sisters birthday party.  I pounced off of the couch like a crazy woman and said, OMG I have to blog about this.  Digital camera in hand, I snapped the photos.  He called me crazy and told me I looked adorable(thanks honey). So anyway the story goes:

When my husband first did this I was stunned, like whom eats a huge hunk of cake in a bowl of milk like cereal?  My husband of course.  I asked him why?  He says well he doesn’t like dry cake, and whenever anyone says “my cake did not come out moist”  he says I have never had a dry piece of cake in my life.  Well obviously not dear, if you call mushy cake “moist”. So yep he eats the cake and chugs the milk.  He cannot be normal and eat a slice of cake on a plate.  Or like my kids and just scrape the frosting and leave this:how do you eat your cakeI always wonder why my kids don’t break the layers apart and eat the frosting in the center?  So am I just crazy or do people eat their cake in a bowl full of ice cold moo juice?

How do you eat your cake?  Normal like me?  Crazy like my husband? Frosting only? Or some other way?


  1. says

    I love my cake in a bowl of milk!! It is really good! I side with your hubby!! You take a bite of the cake with some milk on your spoon! Its delicious that way!! I was so glad to hear their are other folks out there that enjoy this method of eating their cake. I showed our kids one time my cake and milk in my bowl. The children of course wanted to try it…..and to no surprize to me, they loved it too!! My husband on the other hand is not pleased with this. He said he has never seen anyone ever put milk in a bowl with their cake and that he feels its weird too. Gotta to try it folks, it really is delightful!!!

  2. Chloe says

    Wanna laugh? I am eating a bowl right now, i searched it wondering if anyone else does this, i microwave the cake until the icing melts, i add a bit of milk, then microwave some more, its like a soft warm, sweet yummy bowl of happiness, if i have ice cream i melt ice cream and use that instead of milk

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