Cancer has struck my mom again….

and I’m sitting here wondering why? My mom is now in her fourth year of being cancer free from breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and has gone through her treatments to beat this deadly disease. Around a month ago my mom felt a lump in her throat asking me if women have the lump in their throats like men do, I said no. When I saw the lump I told her to immediately call the doctor. She got an appointment and they decided to biopsy it. On Sept 20 they biopsied but didn’t get enough so they had to do it again. She went back to find out it wasn’t cancerous but they wanted to remove it. On September 24th she had the lump removed and had an appointment the following Friday. At her appointment she received the news that she indeed has cancer again. Shocked and confused she didn’t know what to say and was left wondering again. Last Friday she again got news nobody ever wants to get. She was told she has papillary thyroid cancer, and if you have cancer this is one to have…whatever no cancer is a cancer to have. She was told that this cancer is 97% curable(if treated properly) and the most common type of thyroid cancer, and she would have amazing odds of beating cancer again. Yesterday, my mom went back to the doctor and get some answers. She will be having surgery to remove her thyroid. After the surgery she has to undergo radioactive iodine treatment(RAI). She will not be allowed to be in contact with anyone for 72 hours. After this treatment she will be on a thyroid hormone pill because nobody can live without the thyroid hormone. She will be on this for the rest of her life. We still do not have full details and I’m still sitting here wondering why my poor mom has to go through this all again. It kills me.

Cancer my mom is going to kick your ass yet again, so just do us all a favor and stay away once and for all. My mom is a good person, and she will beat this again. Please pray for my mom. She is strong and does not deserve this for the third time.


  1. karenmed409 says

    My prayers go out to you and your family, I will light a candle for you. I will keep praying for you and for your family till you pass these hard days…. I don't have much to support you with,but I hope that my words will mean something…
    God Bless You

  2. Clueless_Mama says

    Nichol, You know you and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I can't believe how strong you both are. Sorry you guys have to go through this again. She is going to do great! Hasn't cancer figured out they are messing with the wrong lady?

  3. The Knutson Klan says


    I have been such a bad bloggy friend, leaving comments is apparently not my forte. But I wanted you to know that I still get your blog feed emails everyday and keep up to date on the happenings here at Kiddies Corner Deals.

    I wanted to say I'll be praying hard for you, your mom, and your family! When I read this post, my heart dropped. Cancer is scary and trying. Keep your spirits up and know that there are those who are supporting you in prayer!


  4. Angie Marion says

    I'm buried in my inbox as usual so I just saw this message. I'm so sorry and I'm sending love and prayers yours and your mom's way! Please keep us updated!

    Angie @ A Simple Kinda Life

  5. Terra H. says

    You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the upbeat attitude that your mom will once again beat this.

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