My Deluxe Nap Mat by Soft Gear Review

soft gear logoAs a daycare provider for many years, there were specific regulations I had to follow for the children that were in my care.  There are many obvious rules, safety regulations, but nap time was challenging particularly when I had several kids in care.  There had to be a time slot for napping and the children couldn’t just sleep on the floor, as there had to be an approved item for the children to lie on.  Whether that was a child nap mat, rug, blankets, or another item I had to ensure materials were disinfected daily and washed.  I used remnant carpets and each child had their own blanket.  It worked well, but I do wish I had a My Deluxe Nap Mat from Soft Gear when I was a daycare provider.

nap mats for daycareMy Nap Mats are the ideal mat for daycare providers, families or for travel.  They are lightweight mats for toddlers age 3+ and can be purchased in blue, pink or mint.  The soft material creates a comfortable location for children to rest on and is safe.  The 100% American made mat features antimicrobial foam built in to protect the product from degrading, keeping the mat germ free and is lead, BPA and latex free.

While I no longer provide child care I do have a niece and nephew who visit often and sleepover.  Instead of sleeping on the floor, in bed with the kids, or on the couch, I now pull out our My Nap Mat.  The mat is thick enough to keep children (specifically toddlers) from feeling like they are resting on the hard floor, is soft to lie on and practical.  When folded there are convenient handles making the mat portable, though the mat is not heavy.  child nap matChildren will adore the sheep design with numbers 1-5 and the sun, moon and stars at the top as well as hearts on the nap mat by soft gearThe mat appears durable as the 3-D molded thermoplastic elastomer foam is much better than the vinyl mats I am accustomed to.  This foam will not crack or peel like vinyl.  I appreciate the high quality mat will last for years to come.  The non-slip nap mat has been the perfect accessory in our home and transporting to grandmas when she watches Zoe.  It arrives in a large plastic re-sealable bag to transport if needed or to store.  I have been cleaning by applying a mild soap and warm water and it wipes well.  There is also a space on the mat for child’s name!

It also works well to sit on and do activities and I can also see this being wonderful for outdoors on the grass when the kids need a rest break.  The My Nap Mat is fantastic product to purchase if you have a child in daycare that needs their own mat or you’re looking for a small mat for sleepovers at your home.  It is small enough to slide right under a bed, light enough to pull out and children can rest happily.  I would highly recommend to anyone, in daycare or nap mat by soft gear

The Soft Gear My Nap Mat has also won the Mom’s Best Award so parents can purchase this with confidence as real moms have given this award as a product that meets high levels of satisfaction.  My Nap Mat retails for $39.99 and can be purchase on Amazon.  Visit to check out all their American made soft products!

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Disclosure:  Product received for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.


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    Those do look like they would be very comfortable for a child to sleep on. They would be good for sleeping over at grandma’s house.

  2. says

    These re great! Similar to the ones that they used to have at my children’s headstart class! They would be great for napping for the little ones!

  3. says

    I like that it doesn’t crack and peel, and boy could we have used that in our last basement which was thin carpeting over a cement slab. We needed that padding!

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    I would love to have had this when my kids were nappers! Looks like an excellent product for all napping parents to have .. can parents use it too? Lol For I need a good nap!

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