Costumes on sale!

If you are still searching for your Halloween costumes, Buy Costumes has some adorable costumes as low as $4.99.

Jack and Jill for only $5.99 each and the costume includes khaki-colored twill pants with attached suspenders, a collared shirt, a coordinating striped bowtie or pink and white dress with attached apron and butterfly appliqué, a matching headband, and a customizable candy pail to bring home all of his/her treats.

How about this adorable Little Peanut Infant Costume which includes textured brown onesie with the tag “My Little Peanut” on the front and a matching cap. Also included is a peanut bag blanket! So cute!

Be sure to stop by Buy Costumes and check out their sale and blowout clearance as they have a huge selection to choose from. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50. Get 10% off using coupon code VAMP10


  1. Stefani @ says

    I was going to look for costumes online this weekend. Being able to shop online makes it easier to find what I am looking for!

  2. Amy says

    Those are cute. I was lucky this year.. My little ones Nana got her a costume.. I love having a great Mom to do things for my little one. I love the JAck and Jill idea.. I could use that some day..

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