8 Adorable Critter Hats For Kids

Critter hats are a nice change in the winter. They are adorable, come in many styles and kids love them. Get ready for the compliments of how cute your child looks with them on their head. These 8 critter hats will keep your child’s ears warm as well with the attached ear flaps and are affordable!8 adorable and affordable critter hats for kids

1.Purple owl knit critter hat for girls from One Step Ahead $19.95
2. Girl faux fir critter hat from JCPenney $9.99
3. Animal Beanie Panda for girls from Crocs $18.00
4. Faded Glory Laplander Hat from Walmart $10.00
5. Arizona Lion Critter hat for boy from JCPenney $5.99
6. Critter knit monkey winter hat from Sears $5.99
7.Muk Luks Koala Bear critter hat from Target $$19.99
8. Scooby Doo critter hat for baby from Old Navy $12.00


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