Cupcake Race Preschool Board Game by Endless Games Review & Giveaway

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Since school has began, I find myself extremely bored and actually missing the fighting, the questions my 5 year old asks all day, the cuddles and playing with my children. I thought I would take naps, and attempt to bake, and finally get caught up on blogging, but it hasn’t happened. I find myself cleaning to keep myself busy as I’m lonely. So when the kids come home from school, eat their snack and finish their homework, all I want to do is spend quality time with my kids! One way I do this is by reading them a short book and then playing a board game. Playing board games is a wonderful way to interact with your children. During this time you can discuss how their school day went, if anything is bothering them but most of all to enjoy the time being spent together.

Because my children have a 5-year age gap, I do find it difficult to play games that they both enjoy. Gavyn doesn’t enjoy girly games, and Zoe can’t play difficult games such as Scrabble so there are times I must have one-on-one time with them. One of these times is now, since receiving Cupcake Race from Endless Games.

cupcake race

Cupcake Race is a enjoyable preschool board game of mixing, baking, frosting and topping cupcakes to see who makes it to the cherries first to win the game. Zoe loves to be in the kitchen so we knew this game would be a hit. The game includes the game board with built-in spinner, cupcake wrappers, cupcake inserts, frosting tops, sprinkles and cherries…and party hats as pawns! Oh yeah fun already right?

cupcake race by endless games

The game board looks like most typical board games; spaces that are colored, numbered spaces with +/-, move back however this game board has a mix it, bake it, frost it and top it in each of the four corners. More of that in a moment.

Players will spin the spinner and move that amount around the game board. Blank spots mean nothing, you’ll stay put and the turn is over. If you spin and land on a square with a +, player will spin the spinner again and collect sprinkles of the color they landed on. Negatives spaces on the board means the player must take away that many sprinkles from their collection. A move back square means player must move back that many. Cupcake Race makes this engaging as they say;

“Uh Oh! You might have broken your eggs, spilled your batter or burned your cupcakes! Move back the required amount of spaces and wait for your next turn.”

Lose a turn means your turn is skipped. The corners are where this gets fun for all players playing the game. Players must stop at the corner but does not need to be exact on the spin. Here is what happens at the corners.

Mix It: Players will pretend to mix their cupcake batter and choose a cupcake wrapper
Bake It: Players choose their cupcake, put it in the wrapper and pretend the cupcakes is going in the oven to bake.
Frost it: The cupcake has finished baking and cooled and is ready to frost. Player will choose their frosting and place it on their cupcake.
Top It: When landed on the top it corner players will spin the spinner twice and receive 2-sprinkles 1 of each color landed on. Plus any sprinkles collected throughout the game are now added to the cupcake frosting.

cupcake race by endless games
In the center of the game board is where the cherries are waiting for the winner. Once a player reaches the finish they may top their cupcake with a bright red cherry, and game is over. If more than 2 players are playing additional players may continue.

cupcake race by endless games

Super fun and easy for children to understand. This game is great for younger children counting as they need to pick up certain amounts of sprinkles not to mention moving forward and they’ll enjoy the imagination of baking while having fun! Zoe didn’t lose focus of the game ever as it was entertaining from start to end. She wanted to make it to the party center for that cherry. Her mind was all about winning which she has done almost every single time. Talk about self-confidence. This game was fabulous for social skills, bonding together and good ol’ fun.

cupcake race preschool board game

We have played Cupcake Race about 50 times (not an exaggeration) and she continues to ask to play especially since she broke her foot last Thursday.

Cupcake race is suitable for children 4+ and can be played with 2-4 players. Cupcake Race is available online at where you’ll want to visit to see more family-friendly games where you can bond with your family as well!

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Disclosure:Endless Games are the makers of games for everyone including card games, dice games, party games, word games, strategy games, trivia games, survey games, and pop culture games. They sent us Cupcake Race for review purposes, however opinions and thoughts 100% my own


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