Daily Deal Sites For Kids

Daily Deal Sites For Kids

I just listed my top baby and kids sample sale sites, so I thought it would be great to list all the amazing daily deal sites for kids.  These are a bit different then sample sale sites.  Daily deal sites have one deal a day which lasts until product is sold out or for 24 hours.  You will find only one item in these sales which is why it’s great.  No need to browse around for the cheapest item, or an item you may need.  If you don’t need it, just go to the next site to see what they are offering.  Most have a flat rate shipping charge which usually isn’t a lot and a huge discount on the one item.  There is no membership required! Here is a list of daily deal sites for kids.

  1. Baby Steals-Their deal starts at 11AM EST and they offer one baby or maternity item at up to 80% off. I have seen amazing brands here like Petunia Pickle Bottom, aden + anais, and other great brands us as moms love and trust.
  2. Kids Steals– A sister site of Baby Steals, their sales also start at 11AM EST, and they offer up one amazing steal on toys, kids clothing, shoes, and great gift ideas for kids at up to 80% off.  Both Baby and Kids Steals also offer up steals on the weekend for items that may have not sold out.
  3. Mama Bargains-They are a bit different.  Instead of one deal everyday, they offer up many throughout the day.  This is one site you want to check often in a 24 hour period.  Items for parent, baby and kids at up to 80% off.
  4. Baby Half Off-You will find great items here for baby, kids and mom for half off or more.  New deals are posted at 10AM EST.  They also offer great deals and giveaways on their facebook so check them daily.
  5. Mama’s Retreat-This is a Canadian deal site, with one deal a day on baby products.
  6. Green Baby Bargains-Just like their name states, they offer up one deal a day, Mon-Fri starting at 12:00PM EST on a green baby item.  Not just baby though; kids up to age 5 plus parents.  Every product listed on their site is eco-friendly.  Stop by on the weekends to see if any products didn’t sell out.
  7. Kids.Woot-Their deals start at midnight CT and you’ll find toys, accessories, and other kid related products in their sales.

I highly recommend signing up for their newsletters or visiting the sites a bit before the sales starts.  It can get busy, items sell out fast when they are much wanted items, and that leaves us waiting for another sale for that specific item.  Have fun shopping!  Did I miss a site?  Let me know!


  1. Megan McEwan says

    My favorite daily deal site for both me and my kids is veryjane.com. They have all hand made things for moms and kids. LOVE IT!!!

  2. Racheal says

    Some other sites I have found are: http://www.babyheist.com and http://www.babyearth.com/baby-sale. Baby heist is a Canadian based website. In addition to its daily deal, it will occasionally offer an additional “flash sale.” It also allows access to their archives, so that one may purchase other items they still have on stock. Occasionally there will be a mystery gift for x-amount of dollars for a greatly discounted rate that can be tailored to gender and age.

    Baby earth has what it calls “Gaga deals.” These are offered on weekdays every hour from 8 to 5 EST (I believe).

    Thank you for posting all of these sites. I LOVE them!

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