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Disney provided products for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.

2013 holiday gift guide

Disney always has wonderful gifts for children of all ages. This year, many of their toys have topped lists everywhere including Amazon, Toys “R” Us, Walmart and many others.

Disney has a list of their Disney Dozen gifts, gifts that are inspired by favorite Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters and stories plus must-haves.

Disney Dozen Gifts

Angry Birds Star Wars TELEPODS
Cheerin’ Minnie
Disney Infinity
Disney It’s A Small World Animator’s Collection
Disney Planes Wing Control Dusty Crophopper RC Plane
Disney Princess Palace Pets and Palace Pets app
Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle and Magic Mirror App
Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center
LEGO® DUPLO®-brand Jake and the Never Land Pirates™ construction sets
Marvel Iron Man Flying RC Extreme Hero
Sofia the First Magical Talking Doll with Animal Friends
Under the Sea Surprise Ariel

We were able to check out two of the gifts on the Disney Dozen list.

Palace Pets Talking & Singing Pets: Disney Palace Pets are the pets of our favorite Disney Princesses. We received Pumpkin, Cinderella’s dog that she received as an anniversary present from the prince.

disney palace pets pumpkin

Pumpkin is an adorable white pup with a blue tail with a tad of sparkle to it with a bow. Pumpkin loves to be pampered and wants YOU, her new friend to help her look glamorous.

Pumpkin has a removable tiara and arrives with a brush so children can brush her tail.

disney palace pets pumpkin

On her necklace is a button, that when pressed allows her to talk. She speaks six phrases when pressed. Though, very cute, she doesn’t have any posable body parts, besides her head which can spin. Her tail has a wire so it does flex a tad. Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous and big with “real” hair eyelashes.

disney palace pets pumpkin

Purchase Palace Pets on Amazon.

There is also a free Disney Princess Palace Pets app available in the App Store.

disney palace pets app

When playing the app, children can choose their pet or five other pets to learn about them and how they became friends with their princess. Kids can also bathe and groom their “Royal Pets” since they must be pampered.

disney palace pets app

The pets will talk in the app. Once groomed, they can take a portrait with their princess for the wall and children can save to the phone with the photo-saving tool.

free disney palace pets app

There are also locked pets; Summer, Lily, Sultan and Petit, that must be purchased in the pet store for $1.99 each.  Note:  The actual toy is NOT interactive with the app.

The pets are cute and my six year likes the app, but both are very basic without much to do. There are numerous pets available. I feel these would make an affordable gift for princess loving children to learn about the pets of their favorite princess. You’ll find pets for Princess Aurora, Snow White, Rapunzel, Belle and Ariel. Not all pets are adorable puppies though. Some are kittens, a rabbit and a horse.

We also receive Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods, the JEDI vs. SITH multi-pack. These little figurines make the Angry Birds Star Wars II app come to life! There are over 30 characters that can be purchased, but we’ll talk about the multi-pack we received.

angry birds star wars telepods

This multi-pack includes Yoda, Anakin Skywalker and Qui-Gon Jinn Bird figures and Emperor Palpatine, General Grievous and exclusive Darth Maul Pig figures. The set also includes a telepod base.

Children can play the app as normal without the Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods, but with innovative new technology while in the app on a device with a front-facing camera, children can teleport their figurine by choosing the telepods icon, placing a figure on the telepod base, place on the camera, and the QR code scans the pig or bird, which then teleports into the game.

angry birds star wars telepods review

Kids can play as birds or for the first time ever as pigs!

angry birds star wars II app

While playing, kids can swap a character in the slingshot.

It isn’t clear when getting into the app how to scan the character. Once on a level, you’ll choose the teleport icon which looks like a T next to the shopping cart.

angry birds star wars II app

Just like the other popular Angry Birds games, there are levels that need to be cleared by earning up to three stars. Players will play on Bird Side defeating pigs or on the Pork Side defeating the birds. With the telepods, players can choose a specific pig or bird to play with for the level. The current pig or bird can be played or a new one can be scanned in. Once a character is scanned in, just choose the option on the screen to choose a new one at any time for your slingshot character. This must be done each level of play. Defeat the pigs or birds and clear the level to advance to the next. Characters have different powers so depending on the power, you may beat level or fail. Though powers need to be unlocked!

angry birds star wars II app

My son is really enjoying the telepod characters because he can play with more characters and not purchase new one’s, though the option is still there to purchase characters from credits earned from playing or through credits bought.

If you have a child that enjoys playing the Angry Birds Star Wars II app, then I would highly recommend purchasing Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods to make the game come to life!

Who will you choose to launch?

Visit www.hasbro.com for more information on Angry Birds Telepods. There are many supported devices for the telepods. Prices start at $9.99


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