Jakks Pacific Disney Minnie Mouse Happy Hauler Review

This is a review post, all opinions 100% my own

Buying toys for children to help develop their gross motor skills; the movements that help children promote large muscles such as in their legs, arms and other areas of the body, is essential to development. From an early age children are learning gross motor skills from moving their arms, sitting up, kneeling, crawling, rolling to walking and running. Once improved children can throw, kick, balance on one foot and hop. Using these large muscles enhances balance, mobility, posture and coordination.

disney minnie mouse happy hauler review

Have a Minnie Mouse fan in your home? The Disney Minnie Mouse Happy Hauler Wagon from Jakks Pacific is a 2-in-1 ride-on toy allowing children to push, pull or sit and ride on the wagon. Assembly was simple with very minimal parts to assemble.

disney minnie mouse happy hauler review

Once we attached the wheels, handle and affixed the stickers playtime began. Note: A screwdriver is needed to fasten the musical handle and a hammer to put on the tires.

disney minnie mouse happy hauler review

The handle snaps into the front of the Minnie Mouse Happy Hauler so children can sit comfortably on the seat to ride around. When they want to push or pull, the handle releases with a button under the front. When pulling the wagon, their favorite dolls can go for a stroll. When riding on the hauler, they can place desired items under the seats, which is the storage area.

disney minnie mouse happy hauler review

The handle does require 2 AA batteries, as there is a button that plays sounds. The hauler is bright pink perfect for Minnie fans. I liked how easy it was to covert to a pull along wagon to a ride-on toy.

disney minnie mouse happy hauler review

Kids can use their imagination skills to take their dolls for a ride and since this is all kid-powered they are improving their gross motor skills by using their leg muscles when moving the hauler around. Overall the toy is fun, durable and easy to use. Younger children will love riding on their favorite Disney star.

The Minnie Mouse Happy Hauler is recommended for children age 1-6 (up to 59lbs) and is also available in Mickey Mouse for boys to enjoy a ride! Retail price is $39.99.

To Buy:

The Minnie Mouse Happy Hauler can be purchased at Toys “R” Us.

For more information on Jakks Pacific toys visit www.jaks.com

Stay connected with Jakks Pacific on Facebook and on Twitter @jakkstoys

Disclosure: Jakks Pacific sent a complimentary Minnie Mouse Happy Hauler for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own.


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