Organize Recipes with Microsoft OneNote Recipe Book Review #Free Microsoft Recipe Template Download

I surf the internet for new recipes that I can recreate to make my own, all the time.  I have bookmarks galore of recipes I want to create, and also have written down several.  My printer broke a while back, so I never could print recipes I wanted.  This means I have to bookmark and search when I’m ready to make them or get a pen and paper and write them down.  Time consuming; yes.  This is why I am thrilled to introduce to you Microsoft Recipe OneNote.

The Microsoft OneNote Recipe Book is a free Microsoft recipe template allowing users to copy and paste recipes to notebook type pages.  There are colored section tabs similar to files that allow you to add new recipes.  For instance; I have sections for chicken, beef, soups and salads, desserts, pasta, pizza etc.  When you click on the tabs there will be pages which can be seen on the right side of the notebook.   So for chicken recipes, I just add a new page whenever I find a recipe I want to save.  It is straightforward.   To add a new recipe for any recipe page you have created, on the right-hand of the page there is a column that shows the pages or you can add a new page.  Click new page, type the recipe name and copy the recipe you would like.  Easy peasy.   I love that it places a link in the recipe to who the recipe is from.

Here is a screenshot so you can get a better understanding of this handy template.

free recipe template for word

Colored Tabs= Recipe Sections Right Hand= New Recipe Pages

This has been a beneficial tool especially since I am always stumbling and pinning, not to mention going to my favorite blogs.  You can also use an image instead of the full recipe by clipping or dragging and dropping like I have been doing. free recipe template for word

You must have Microsoft Office 2010 to download this free template.  I have really enjoyed digitally cataloging all my favorite recipes any time I come across one.  There are already sections and pages to get you started with yummy recipes.  While this is an organizing tool you can also share recipes with others to view and contribute.

Although, valuable for recipes there are also personal folders to organize ideas, events, thoughts, schooling and more.  This is actually wonderful for bloggers to organize blog related items such as payments received, review products and more.

Fascinated? Download OneNote Recipe Book to customize your own recipe book and check out the tips and tricks along with additional free templates and start getting a bit more organized!

Disclosure:  I was contacted to check out this free template and received a free copy of Microsoft Office.  All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Kai says

    Thanks for this use One Note EVERYDAY!…it helps me to go back to websites that I would otherwise forget about…bookmarks get lost an you have to remember where you saved them. I don’t know why I didnt think to just start another notebook for all the Recipes. I have been limiting myself when it comes to One Note thanks for breaking open my mind about I could use it for to get organized.

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