Graeter’s New Products Gelato & A Little Less Indulgent Ice Cream Review

Graeter’s provided ice cream for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own

Have I ever told you how much I love ice cream? It is one of those treats I cannot say no to. As a child, when we actually had an ice cream truck, I would hear the ice cream truck coming from a mile away, run to get money and get my daily ice cream.

Now that I live a healthy lifestyle, ice cream isn’t a daily treat. I enjoy ice cream every other week, to curb that craving of rich, delicious, creamy flavors that ice cream offers.

And those of you that live in an area that sell Graeter’s; I’m so envious of you. Last year was my first time trying their scrumptious black cherry chocolate chip and this year I’m checking out the two new complete product lines that are being released, for the first time in 144 years!

This spring check for Graeter’s Gelato and Graeter’s A Little Less Indulgent. Both varieties are made with the same high quality ingredients such as milk, cream and eggs that are found in the original flavors, still creamy, delicious and making me not want to put the spoon down.

Lets talk about A Little Less Indulgent first.

Graeter's A Little Less Indulgent

Perfect for individuals like myself wanting less sugar and fat but still looking for an icy treat to indulge in. That’s exactly what this ice cream is. About 25% less fat, 25% fewer calories and 50% less sugar. The flavors? Chocolate chip, mint chocolate chip and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean. Drool!

Mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream flavor ever, let me just tell you this is full of flavor even being a little less indulgent. I love that this isn’t an imitative green like you’ll find elsewhere, just authentic ice cream with chips that aren’t chips, they are HUGE chocolate chunks that are sugar-free.

graeter's A Little Less Indulgent mint chocolate chip

Real flavor that’s 100% natural with peppermint oil. We won’t discuss how much I ate of this;) Same as the chocolate chip. Nothing but a delicious flavor with chunks of chocolate that will have you going back for more. See the vanilla beans in that Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean?

Graeter's Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean

And it’s white. Not yellowish, that makes you think fake vanilla filled with crap. All of the flavors were tasty, I have a feeling I’ll be ordering online so my family can enjoy these more.

Now the Gelato.

Graeter's Handcrafted Gelato

If you are not familiar this is the Italian word for ice cream, though I’ve never been to Italy I can only imagine how Gelato there tastes. Creamy, delicious and rich. Just like Graeter’s Gelato.

The most authentically made gelato in North America. Like all Graeter’s Ice Cream, Graeter’s Gelato is made by hand one 2½-gallon batch at a time, in a slowly spinning chilled pot, which, just like the vintage gelato-making machines of Italy, produces gelato filled with flavor—not air.

And the flavors, get ready for caramel truffle, hazelnut truffle, vanilla with milk chocolate truffle and dark chocolate truffle. Drooling yet?

The first flavor I had to try was the hazelnut truffle. I’m a hazelnut freak, think Nutella and Ferrero Rocher. The hazelnut flavor is decadent, slightly roasted and rich. And pieces of hazelnut truffles.

graeter's hazelnut truffle gelato

Same goes for the caramel truffle. At first bite my husband had a look on his face like he had died and gone to heaven. Nobody has been aloud to eat this but him. He has declared this the tastiest ice cream he has ever had in his life. The creamy caramel gelato with sea salt caramel truffles, one word YUM.

graeter's caramel truffle gelato

The deliciousness is something I cannot explain. Caramel lovers need to have this in their life. And lastly the dark chocolate truffle. This is for all you choco-aholics, like me. Oh yes dark chocolate gelato with dark chocolate truffles with dark chocolate centers. Yes chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Heavenly, creamy and perfect. Need I say more?

graeter's dark chocolate truffle gelato

And pint size makes them ideal to eat straight from the carton:)  Graeter’s Gelato and A Little Less Indulgent varieties  are now available in retail stores and online. I hope Graeter’s comes to western NY because I’m not sure I can live without some of these flavors. I need them in my stores! Find a Graeter’s location near you.

Which tasty flavor would you enjoy?


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