Great Grains Digestive Blend Cereals with Active Cultures Review

Post sent product for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own

Healthy digestion is a crucial part of living a healthy lifestyle. Before I cared about what I put into my body, my digestive health was awful. I was irregular, bloated and just felt blah. But with a healthy diet, exercise, large amounts of water intake and a diet high in fiber and low in fat, stomach issues are minimal.

Digestive discomfort isn’t fun, so I’d highly recommend adding high fiber foods to your diet such as fruits & vegetables, beans, whole grains and many nuts and seeds. Also, drink up on water and incorporate foods with probiotics into your diet. I take Culturelle daily and have been enjoying the new Great Grains Digestive Blend cereals. I’m already a huge fan of Great Grains Protein Blend, so was excited to try the newest flavors on shelves.

great grains digestive blend cereal with active cultures

Great Grains Digestive Blend cereals contain active cultures which help support that healthy digestion I was talking about. Plus add in fiber, whole grains and tasty flavors and you got a delicious and convenient breakfast to make your belly happy. Great Grains Digestive Blends are available in two flavors; Vanilla Graham and Berry Medley.

Great Grains Digestive Blend Vanilla Graham: 41 grams of whole grain per 1 cup serving, low in fat, no cholesterol and offers 7 grams of fiber! This tasty cereal has whole grains such as wheat, barley and rolled oats and has a lightly sweetened taste of vanilla.

great grains digestive blend vanilla graham

The large clusters are the best part of this cereal. A delicious morning cereal that tastes even more delicious with added strawberries!

great grains digestive blend vanilla graham cereal with active cultures

Great Grains Digestive Blend Berry Medley: This flavor offers 43 grams of whole grain per serving as well as 7 grams of fiber. Featuring wheat, barley and rolled oats and flavored with real fruit juices. The clusters and the berry flavor make this cereal one of my favorites.

great grains digestive blend berry medley

When you bite into them mmm. And the aroma. Just smell this cereal when you open the bag. Additionally, this cereal has added active cultures to aid in healthy digestion.

I tend to stick with cereals that are organic or non-GMO however, I love Great Grains varieties. The cereals are less processed and my children love them. Baby steps with getting them healthy, but we’re trying here. I would love to see the corn syrup removed from these cereals. Due to that one ingredient, I only enjoy this cereal once or twice a week.  I appreciate the crunchy textures and that the cereal doesn’t get soggy in milk.  Soggy cereal and I are not friends.  Texture is wonderful with the nutritious flakes and both kept me full for a few hours with added fruit on the side.

If you enjoy a morning bowl of cereal, I’d highly recommend checking out Post Great Grains Digestive Blend cereals with Active Cultures. You’ll have a cereal that offers key ingredients to support digestive health and it just may help you!

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    Ahhhh! Guess this makes me old and boring but I am so excited about this! Can you imagine if you put Kefir over your Great Grains Digestive Blends? Talk about gut health!

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