Hasbro Marvel Super Hero Mashers Action Figure Toys Review #MyMashUp

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Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America & Iron Man are all very popular superheroes with popular films and cartoon that adults and children adore. Each have super powers, saving lives and the world.

MARVEL Super Hero Mashers action figures toys from Hasbro

Now, favorite superheroes come to life in your home with the all-new MARVEL Super Hero Mashers action figures toys from Hasbro. Marvel action figures features beloved Marvel super heroes and villains with interchangeable parts and accessories, so kids can create silly heroes!

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Thor Figure

We received two Super Hero Mashers toys; Super Hero Mashers THOR and Super Hero Mashers Doctor Doom. Each contains the super hero figure that are customizable as the head, arms, legs and accessories all detach. Thor has a launching hammer missile that works with ANY Super Hero Mashers mash-up toy.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Doctor Doom Figure

My children enjoyed attaching their parts to make the regular super hero…

Hasbro Marvel Super Hero Mashers Action Figure Toys

but mashing them up was so much more entertaining. It was time to mash up our heroes to create an all NEW super hero!

Hello, there Doctor Thor Doom

Marvel Super Hero Mashers action figure toys

Changing the look was simple.  My children changed the look by giving the action figures different parts. Thor received parts from Doctor Doom. He now had double the powers. The action figures are poseable and accessories attach into holes on the figure. Customizing our figures was a blast and because there are many ways you can change them (legs, arms, head, accessories) the fun never ends.

marvel super hero mashers action figure toys review

The Marvel Super Hero Mashers Toy Line Includes:

Marvel Super Hero Mashers Action Figures Assortment: Thirteen figures will be available in this assortment in 2014, featuring favorite Marvel characters like CAPTAIN AMERICA, SPIDER-MAN and GREEN GOBLIN. Each figure is sold separately and comes with an accessory. Retail $9.99


Marvel Super Hero Mashers Battle Upgrade Action Figures Assortment: Each MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS BATTLE UPGRADE figure comes with multiple Battle Gear pieces, including a launching missile. Seven figures will be available in this assortment in 2014, featuring favorite Marvel characters like HULK, THOR and VENOM.

All figures are sold separately.  There are more then 20 unique characters planned for 2014, so children will enjoy mashing up all the characters!  Figures stand at 6″ tall with 11 points of articulation and all mashers toy parts are compatible with each figure.  Recommended for children 4+.

For more information and to make your own super hero mash up online visit www.hasbro.com/heromashers/en_US/

What Marvel Superheroes will your children want to mash up?

marvel super hero mashers


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    Gaby has a couple of birthday parties coming up for two of the boys in her class at school and I know they’d LOVE these! Definitely going to pick up a few, and keep some on hand in the birthday closet too, because this is just one of those toys that look like they’ll be universally loved by kiddos, especially because you can change things up , , , that is so cool!

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