Helen’s Kitchen Vegetarian Organic Frozen Meals Review

Vegan Frozen FoodsI am not a vegetarian, but was recently introduced to a company that sounded great.  I have friends who are vegetarians, and some family members who aren’t considered vegan but enjoy tofu so I wanted to try out a company and give them my opinions. They offer a line of frozen foods which are certified organic, and good for you.  I’m a big organic foods eater, and purchase many items frozen and fresh which are organic.  I’ll be honest though and will say I am not a tofu fan, but I wanted to give Helen’s Kitchen a chance.   Helen’s Kitchen is family owned, named after Helen Moore, who is the mother of the founder Stephen Moore.  He is the pioneer of the first fully-flavored Tofu Steaks; GardenSteak and Vegetarian Chicken flavors.  Offering many varieties of vegan frozen meals, which are certified organic, better choices, and provide nutrition.

I was sent a couple of coupons to try out Helen’s Kitchen products but had a difficult time in my area finding them.  I finally found one entrée at Wegman’s, the Pasta Primavera.  I was actually stoked because I have a pasta weakness plus it was filled with veggies I enjoy; broccoli florets, red and green bell peppers, onions and diced tomatoes.  I popped this in the microwave for the time stated and let it sit for a couple of minutes.  Please remember I am not a tofu fan, so this is a new experience for me.

Helen's Kitchen reviewsThe pasta is multi grain so it was really good.  The sauce and vegetables were delicious.  It wasn’t even like I was eating a frozen meal.  Everything really did taste good.  The chunks of steaks weren’t horrible, but the texture got to me.  Like a soft meat that I can’t do.  I think if you are a vegetarian and enjoy tofu/garden steaks you will really enjoy this as an entrée.  They were flavorful, not too bland.  I do like that they are filled with protein which I am always looking for in meals.  This is filled with good for you nutrients including two servings of vegetables and 15g of protein!

I ate both meals that I purchased, just picked out the steaks.  Helen’s Kitchen offer a variety of products like their new line of vegetarian burrito bowls.  I really wish they had these here because I know this is something my entire family would enjoy.  The burrito bowls can be found in two varieties the Fiesta Black Bean Bowl, which is made with organic brown rice, spinach and black beans; and the Veggie Fajita Bowl, made with organic black beans, corn and Anaheim peppers.

vegetarian burrito bowlsYum!  I’m a huge black bean fan.  They sound like a great alternative to Mexican eating.  This Mexican style dish is gluten and meat-free dish, both are also free of GMOs, Trans fat, MSG, antibiotics, steroids or genetically modified substances.

For more information on products that Helen’s Kitchen offer, visit www.helenskitchen.com and you can get social with them on twitter and Facebook.

Disclaimer: This is a review based on my opinion only, yours may differ.  I was sent free product coupons to try the product.  No other form of compensation was received.  Thank you to Helen’s Kitchen for this review opportunity.


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    Mmm… you’re making me hungry! I’m going to have to look for these in the store, I’m always excited to find frozen options for vegetarians!

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