Hello Kitty CDG Karaoke System with Built-in Camera Review & Giveaway

If you are looking for a new activity to enjoy with your family for some great bonding time, I would highly recommend a karaoke machine. Talk about no cares, lots of fun and confidence everyone will gain from singing together. I’ve mentioned a time or two Zoe’s dream of becoming a rock star when she grows up and singing her favorite tunes at an early age may just help that dream come true. The Hello Kitty CD/CD+G Karaoke System with Built-In camera is an ideal first karaoke machine that is easy to use plus includes a built-in video camera to watch yourself singing…in high definition!

Hello Kitty CDG Karaoke System w HD Camera – KT2007

The Hello Kitty karaoke machine allows children and adults to sing along by reading the lyrics from the songs  but only if you have CD+G music discs. The system looks like Hello Kitty, with her feet as speakers, her head opening up to insert the CD, an apple shaped LED display and all CD controls, microphone and volume on the base of the system. On the back of her head is the built-in camera.

We didn’t wait when this arrived as Zoe was so excited to start singing. The system does work with regular music CDs however you won’t be able to read the words off the television. We borrowed some karaoke CDs (CD+G) from our friends so we can get the full operation.

hello kitty karaoke machine

There is an AC adapter to plug-in to the unit and to the wall socket and it does need to be connected to the TV with the use of CD+G discs to read the wording on screen. There are colored RCA jacks that go into the corresponding colors, super easy.

Once ready to sing, turn on the power, open up the CD door to load a disc and close the door.

hello kitty karaoke machine kt2007

You’ll than press play or skip to play the track wanted. The controls are like any CD player as there are stop, skip, repeat and you can also program to play songs in selected order, a wonderful option if having a party so everyone can take turns with a certain song on the disc. There are two microphone plugs (system includes one microphone) so you can sing duets with the purchase of an additional microphone or sing together.

hello kitty karaoke machine

There are controls to adjust the volume of the microphone, adjust echo and balance and an option for automatic voice control so you can hear the original singers voice when you stop singing. I like this feature as Zoe has a few favorite songs, but if she forgets the words she can hear them sing and catch up. Also, there is a built-in video camera to position on the singer which displays on the TV! This only works on the CDG+Camera option. Neat as you can see yourself singing and the words of the song on the screen. The video camera isn’t the best and we tried with different lighting, but you can still see yourself on screen.  The sound is wonderful with this machine, just make sure you have controls set to have the best sound.

We have been having so much fun singing on a daily basis. Maybe I can get my vocals where they used to be in high school. Zoe is learning to read so using a CD+G CD doesn’t matter with her but it is great to be able to sing your favorite songs or songs you may not know as well with the lyrics appearing on screen. Karaoke is an absolute blast. There will be many giggles and your children and YOU may even start to dance.

hello kitty karaoke machine

A Karaoke machine would be great for birthday parties, family gatherings at the holidays and allows children to put on their own talent show showing their skills. Since this machine is lightweight and portable we can move it to other TVs in our home, singing anywhere or time we wish.

So if you have never sang karaoke, I would highly recommend this cute and kid-friendly Hello Kitty karaoke machine for your Hello Kitty fans. It is a great way to relieve some stress, build confidence and enjoying family time by having singing competitions! Would make a fabulous gift.

For more information on the Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine K2007 visit www.sparklebee.com  The machine is available at Toys R Us for $99.99 with free shipping.

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Disclosure:We received the product for review purposes, however all opinions and thoughts 100% my own


  1. Beverly M says

    I would give this to my granddaughter and she could sing Jingle Bells to me, like she did last Christmas. It was really cute, but would be even better with this Little Kitty karaoke machine. Thanks!

  2. ana says

    Great review, i just bought this for my niece, and wanted to see if the camera was bad for every one else or just me. Thank you, also, i see that you face your hello kitty away from you to use the camera, i dont know if u knew, but the camera turns so you can have hello kitty facing you as well as the camera. :-)

    • says

      It is very dark:( I have tried so much with different lighting but nothing works. I even wrote that but it is still fun! We did realize after the review that the camera turned:)

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