It’s National S’mores Day! Make Indoor S’mores

Yep we love s’mores in our home.  Nothing beats chocolate, marshmallow and honey graham crackers all sandwiched together.  They are absolutely delicious!  Making them out by a campfire is best but this works!  So in honor of  National S’mores Day today, August 10, get out a package of graham crackers, some fluff or large marshmallows, chocolate flavored almond bark or candy melts and get to making this delicious treat everyone is sure to love.  I forgot to count how many of each this took, so just take everything out.  When the melted chocolate is gone, stop making them(if you do not lick all the chocolate first)melted chocolateMelt chocolate in the microwave according to package directions.  I microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stir, microwave and continue to do this until it is all creamy with no chunks.  I then took 2 squares of graham crackers, added 3 squares of Hersheys Chocolate Bar, melted large marshmallows for a few seconds, placed on one side of graham cracker and sandwiched the two together.  Let them sit for a few seconds(hold them down with your finger) and then take tongs and dip in the melted chocolate.  Cover all sides of the graham crackers, place on wax paper to cool and harden and enjoy the deliciousness!  The perfect indoor s’mores!indoor s'moresLooking for more S’mores recipes?

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