Holiday Pick: Little Mommy My Very Real Baby Doll Review

mattel logoZoe has had the pleasure of having many Little Mommy dolls. Not because she wants to be a mom but because of the connection and fun she has with them. Her first Little Mommy doll was a newborn baby, who she brought everywhere with her. She still has the doll, but then one day she saw the dolls that move and talk, and she had to have one. You may remember our review of the Little Mommy Play All Day Baby which we received last year in our gift guide. Zoe still plays with her but recently saw a commercial on TV for the Fisher-Price Little Mommy My Very Real Baby and I knew this would be a hot item for girls this year.

little mommy my very real babyThe Little Mommy My Very Real Baby Doll is an adorable doll for children age 3+. Little girls will be able to tend to their doll, like we do for them all day long. She arrives with many play accessories including a green ice pop, napkin, bandaid, spoon and bowl and a teddy bear.  The play accessories are what makes this doll so real.  She comes to life when turned on.  She talks, wants to play, cuddles, eat and so much more.  Here are a few phrases she says.

May I please have a juice pop?  Where’s my bear mama?  Hug me mommy.  Awwww.  I need to give you a kiss and many others.  She also does things like sneezes, laughs, makes cooing noises, and kissing sounds.

When she sneezes she’ll ask for her nose to be wiped, which Zoe wipes with pleasure.  When she asks for her juice pop or bear and you place it in her hands she eats it or holds the bear.  Then her mouth turns green from the juice pop.  She then needs cleaned up.  It’s pretty neat.  When she has a boo boo her poor leg turns red and that is when she wants a bandage to make it all better.  She is just too cute and Zoe absolutely loves her.interactive baby dollSo here are my thoughts as a parent.  This interactive baby doll is truly life like and little girls are going to go gaga over her.  Like any toy nowadays, it was a task to get her out.  She is well made and runs off four AA batteries which are included.  There is also a switch to turn her off but she will also go to sleep when not played with and if you lie her down, she will say she’s sleepy and goes night night.  When she is held or sat up she wakes back up-all with stretching sounds.     Because of the magnets in her hands and mouth she is able to hold her bear and popsicle.  She says many phrases, sounds, and I keep hearing new ones daily.  She brings hours of entertainment to little girls.  If you have a child who loves dolls she is a great doll.  While a price tag of  about $70 may seem extreme for a doll, and many probably wouldn’t pay that, she is interactive, made well, and says over 150-plus sounds and actions for continuous fun(or this is what it states.)  I’m not sure we have heard that many but I could be wrong.  I haven’t counted all them.     She is a wonderful companion to little girls.  Interactive baby dollI honestly wish I had her when I was a little girl.  She is not a doll I would recommend your child taking to bed at night because of her hard body but Zoe enjoys taking naps with her .  Another plus is there is no real food/drinks with her so no diaper changing. She is active, fun, cute, charming, and provides hours of entertainment for your child.I highly suggest if you purchase this doll, and your child is still young(3) do not let them drop her or throw her around, because she does run off motors, that’s why she is interactive.  Zoe has dropped her a few times, but she is still working well.

I would have liked to see her have removable clothes and a blanket for when she wants to go to sleep but other than that, she will be a hot toy this holiday season.  Another wonderful Little Mommy product!

For more information on the Little Mommy My Very Real Baby Doll visit where she can be purchase with blonde hair or brunette.

Or you can pick her up at Target, with their $10 off coupon!

Disclosure:  Although, we received the Little Mommy My Very Real Baby Doll from Mattel to help facilitate our review, all opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. says

    Aw, she’s such a good little mommy! I hope my daughter starts playing with her doll more as she gets used to it. I think she’s a little shocked at this point that it acts like a little person.

  2. Deborah Hogue says

    That is exactly what i’ve been looking for, for my granddaughter. I want to get her one so she can understand that babies need to be cared for and loved.I also like that it comes with all the items
    needed to care for the babydoll

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